September 2018 Favourites

September 2018 Favourites

September flew by and its that time again for the monthly favourites. This is the first set of favourites in a long time where I’ve struggled as there was quite a few. Too many really to list. So I’ve narrowed it down to my 6 must haves in September. Here are the products I’ve been loving the most.

Coconut Merchant Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut OilCoconut Merchant Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – Since taking my hair back to blonde (You’ll see several posts of products I used over the next few weeks) this has been a staple for me. When it comes to Coconut Oil I don’t mind which brand. I tend to go for one that’s organic and can be used for anything (Cooking, skin, hair etc). The Coconut Merchant is the one I grabbed from Amazon recently as mine had ran out. This was a good price for 500ml (£5.99 when I purchased it but price has now gone up).

Coconut oil can be used for some many things. My personal preference is as a hair mask or before bleaching. My hair is always better after using coconut oil. I’ve done so many posts on the benefits of this natural product and its one I feel that’s suitable for everyone. If you hair is dry, lacks shine or just needs a pick me up. Coconut oil is the answer. An amazing versatile product and one I haven’t mentioned in a while. I have been doing coconut oil treatments twice a week and my hair and scalps never felt better.

Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads x60Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Daily cleansing Pads – I recently reviewed these pads (See my review here). It isn’t often I rave about a product. Especially one I saw results so fast with. These daily pads are AMAZING! I literally cannot praise them enough. The post goes into a lot more detail.

But to summerise these little pads changed my skin within 10 days. I’d been having terrible breakouts, large cystic like spots that were painful. These spots were also spreading down my neck and I was so self conscious of them. Being Summer when I first started using them, my neck wasn’t something I could cover up. From my chin/jaw down it looked terrible.

I am a fairly confident person, but my skin (I think its pre menopause) was really knocking my confidence as I felt everyone was staring at these large welts. After using these pads a week I noticed how quickly my skin cleared up. As they always get worse around my period I dreaded that coming. But when it did I only got a couple of these welts. Unlike the 10-15 I was getting before! I can only thank Nip+Fab from the bottom of my heart (Well, my skin does) for creating something so simple that has solved my issues. Quick and easy these are a must have for me now.

W7 Delicious Eye Colour PaletteW7 Delicious Eye Colour Palette – I had to cut back on eye shadow as my eczema had flared on my lids. But when I am wearing it my most reached for palette is the W7 Delicious one.

I have so many eyeshadow palettes from high end to low end. But these £5 palettes are amazing! Just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they are crap. I have 5 W7 palettes now (I think I reviewed the Life’s a Peach one – review here). Yes they are talc based. But they perform so well even without a primer. I find fall out is minimal and colour pay off is good.

W7 Delicious Eye Colour Palette

The Delicious palette is filled with natural, brown and berry shades. So perfect for Autumn/Fall. I love that there is good transition shades in this palette. In fact the only thing it is missing (Which seems to be common with the W7 palettes) is a black. However, for the price I will not complain. An excellent selection of matte and shimmer shades in a handy case with a mirror and brush. I don’t use this brush but its not bad in fairness. I’ve got most of these palettes from Amazon.

This one is currently available for £4.99 which I personally feel is a steal!

E45 CreamE45 Cream – I know this favourite isn’t very exciting, but this has been a God send for me recently. Around this time of year due to stress and anniversaries my skin flares up bad. I get a nice healthy dose of eczema and psoriasis – lucky me huh? Unfortunately I find E45 only soothes my psoriasis, so I tend to stick a steroid cream for that.

However, for my eczema E45 often will soothe and sometimes get rid of it too. My neck has been so bad since I got rid of my prickly heat I suffered with throughout Summer. So I’ve been applying this twice a day quite generously. My neck has been less itchy and almost all the redness has gone bar one small patch. My children all use E45 too for their flares up – got to love a hereditary skin condition! In expensive and great for a whole host of skin problems, E45 is a staple in this house.

Revlon ColorStay Foundation in 220 Natural BeigeRevlon ColorStay Foundation (Normal/Dry Skin) in 220 Natural Beige – I mix up my foundations a lot from day to day. But in September my most used/reached for was my Revlon ColorStay. An oldie, but a goodie.

Sometimes with so many new products on the market its good to go back to what you know. I think I own the ColorStay foundation from Revlon in about 4 shades, to see me throughout the year. I always use the Normal/Dry skin version as I find it doesn’t cling to my dry patches as much. As my skins changed over the years I now have to wear a primer on my oily areas (Nose, Forehead, chin) so that this doesn’t budge. Out of all my foundations including high end ones, I find this one does last very well on my skin. I can apply this at 7am and get a decent 7-9 hours wear with very minimal touch ups.

At present I am wearing 220 Natural Beige which I find sits more on the cool spectrum. I do prefer a more golden foundation tone as my skin naturally pulls yellow and this can make my face look a little pink. A great foundation that gives medium to full coverage thats buildable. I don’t find its a flat matte but not overly glowy either.

Benefit Roller Lash MascaraBenefit Roller Lash Mascara (Review here) – I have a love hate with this mascara. At times I love how it fans out and curls my lashes (Exactly what its meant to do). Other times I feel like I’ve got Dolly Lashes and hate it. At present I’m on a love for this mascara – otherwise it wouldn’t be getting featured this month as a favourite!

I believe its waterproof, that or the formula is just great and doesn’t budge. I have to remove this with eye makeup remover otherwise my lashes still look black. As mascaras go I don’t find the scent overpowering and most of the time it doesn’t irritate my eyes. Less they are tired and then I find it can make them worse.

A great black formula, my lashes currently look good wearing this. I still love my Benefit They’re Real Lash Primer more but am currently out of it and need to replace it. At present this could do with being used up which is another reason I’ve been reaching for it more. I still feel Benefit are one of those overhyped brands. They do have great campaign’s which I think it the selling point, more so that the product some times. Still as mascaras go, if you are looking for a mascara that curls and lengthens, then give this a try.

So, there you have it my September’s Favourites for 2018. I have a feeling October’s may be more hair based just because I’ve been trying a loving a lot of hair products. Maybe I should do another My Current Hair Care post? Let me know. What were your favourites for September?