Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Chocolate

Today’s test and review is on the Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Chocolate toner. A great brunette toner with a base of 5.0 with no ammonia, ppd or peroxide. Having reviewed several other products from Scott Cornwall, I couldn’t wait to see what this one did.

Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Chocolate

Here is some information about the Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Chocolate…

Colour Restore Chocolate is a new way to control pigment levels within colour treated hair. Artificial brunette hair colours can fade, loosed depth and luster over time. Colour Restore Chocolate is a pure concentration of brunette pigment which can be applied as a conditioning treatment through the hair to create a rich, deep brunette effect.

•Enables you to reverse colour fade and restore your brunette glory

•Non permanent, contains no ammonia, no peroxide and no PPD’s

•Produces depth and a rich even shade in lighter tones without commitment

•Can be used immediately after perming, colour removal, straightening or bleaching


Having tried several of the other Colour Restore products (See reviews/features here) I was looking forward to seeing how this product would work on my currently brunette locks. Recently I took my hair to brunette which took really well, however going over the blonde (I didn’t use a filler at the time) it meant on the bleached areas the colour has washed out a lot faster (Namely down to porosity). This was expected in honesty, but I didn’t want to have to repeatedly put more semi permanent dyes on there (Causing more damage) and loved the idea of a toner that was both conditioning but also didn’t contain all the bad things.

Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Chocolate

Many brunette toners I’ve seen in the past are often orange or red based (Namely as those tones are often present in the hairs depth) which can often mean you end up with that glowing orange brown which is just nasty on me (In my opinion, if that’s what you are aiming for then that’s cool too, its just not right for me). So I was worried about the tones in the Colour Restore Chocolate. Its unique in that its just, well brown and on the hair pulls more towards the neutral spectrum.

Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Chocolate

As per all of the Colour Restore range this is best applied to towel dried hair that has been clarified. Do not apply a conditioner after applying and before applying this product!! The product has conditioning agents in it which are actually really good I’ve found on my hair and have had no issues just using this and then drying my hair. You can use this product as a conditioner frequently just to top up your colour but leaving it on a few minutes, however I prefer to use this for about 20-25 minutes on my hair to add deeper tones. Full instructions come in the box along with gloves, so I’ve not writing a ‘how to’ on this one.

Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Chocolate - Colour guide on box
Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Chocolate – Colour guide on box

The results are really good! No red or orange tones in sight! Just glossy brunette hair. This isn’t a flat colour, it tones each of the different shades in my hair so its looks natural and not flat. Also I find my hair is super glossy after and looks really healthy. The colour claimed to tone around a 5.0 on the shade spectrum and I would agree. My hair sits around a 5/6 in shade (With strong gold undertones but that’s always the case for me) and it looked even to my roots (Which I did not apply the product to as I was concentrating where I had fade). One thing I have noticed about the Colour Restore products is its hard to get a build up with them (Unless you used them repeatedly 4 or more times in a row maybe and the only shade I found this with was Colour Restore Red).

Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Chocolate - (Left) Before (Right) After
Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Chocolate – (Left) Before (Right) After

The biggest question I get asked with Colour Restore is how long do the results last. This is going to alter from person to person. When I used to use Iced Platinum on my hair I found it would last around 3 washes, Colour Restore Red would be around 4, Candy was about 5. It really does vary on your hairs condition, porosity, how often you wash your hair, the products you use… Its a multitude of factors. Remember this is not a permanent solution, it doesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide so its not going to last like those products would, but its also not going to damage your hair either like they would. For me this lasted a few washes and then I was back to where I was before, but I don’t mind that as its easy to re-do. Also a tube for some people may last a few times (On a full head), others may find it is only a couple and in my case I’ve used it twice now and have loads left but I’m using this on my mid-lengths and ends and not a full head.

I do love this product, its great for toning and I love that the tones are natural and not those horrible red/orange tones you often see in brunette shades. The results aren’t permanent and it gives my hair beautiful shine and gloss. Its another great shade in Colour Restore range and I for one am a fan!

The Colour Restore range by Scott Cornwall can be found in Boots and Superdrug, prices are around £12.99.

For more information on Colour Restore Products, why not check out the Facebook or Twitter? Scott Cornwall is amazing and extremely friendly, so if you have a question ask – he does regular hair clinics on Facebook too.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx