Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Candy

Today’s post is all about one of the new colour additions to the Scott Cornwall Colour Restore range, Candy.

Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Candy

Summer is here (Well, almost here in the UK) and adding a different tone to your hair can be the perfect way of mixing things up. Pastel shades are still very much in and using a product that only lasts a short time can be great for a subtle change without having to worry about a long term commitment. That’s why I love Scott Cornwall’s Colour Restore range as all the colours last up to 8 washes, have no peroxide or ammonia and no ppd! His new colour, Candy is beautiful and definitely worth a blog mention!

Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Candy

Here is some information about Colour Restore Candy…

Scott Cornwall Colour Restore is a salon quality range of temporary colours, uniquely formulated to enhance fading shades, or create natural or vibrant tones, whilst conditioning the hair.

Colour Restore Candy is a couture shade, created exclusively by Scott Cornwall, for very light blonde, bleached and highlighted hair.

Use for 20 minutes to create soft multidimensional rosé hues or as a two minute regular conditioner for blush tones.

*source – packaging*

Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Candy

Trying to get that perfect rose tone can be hard, especially when you have super bleached hair like I have. My hair nearly always pulls on the side of cooler things and getting any tones to actually take on it can be hard. I was looking for something warm and golden to tone my hair but not a green based gold which is almost always the case with most brands I had tried. Candy is perfect in that it has the right combination or warmth and gold and there is no green in sight!

Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Candy - Shade indication chart on packaging
Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Candy – Shade indication chart on packaging

To apply Colour Restore is super easy too. Firstly wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo (This is best as it prep’s the hair for adding a colour and helps remove any build up on the hair from other products) and then towel dry well. Apply the Colour Restore shade to your hair. How much you need varies on hairs lengths and texture. I can get 3-4 uses out of 1 tube and have shoulder length hair. I often pop a shower cap on my head while I wait for it to take, but it isn’t essential. Give it a good comb through to distribute the colour, wait 20 minutes and then rinse with warm (Not hot) water – there is no need to add a separate conditioner.

So, my results? Well, this is the first wash in toner I’ve been able to use that has made a visible difference on my hair in a long time! My hair had warmth but not too much, it had a beautiful gold tone with rose hints. My hair looks glossy, it feels smooth and silky and looks beautiful. I am over the moon with the colour. What I also love about the Colour Restore range is that you can apply it again to intensify the result. So, what I did was with each wash when I conditioned I mixed a small 10p sized amount with my conditioner. This helped maintain my colour, but I could have easily popped another application on top of what I had done. The colour result will depend on the tones already in your hair, also the shade of your hair makes a big difference with this product. You do need VERY LIGHT blonde hair, whether this is natural, highlighted/bleached or dyed to this shade. If your hair is not light enough, you will not see much different in the result.

Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Candy - (Left) Before and (Right) After
Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Candy – (Left) Before and (Right) After

Over all, I think Candy is a great addition to the Colour Restore range, its a beautiful shade and will look amazing whether applied to all your hair or just the ends if you have an ombre look.

The new Scott Cornwall Colour Restore range shades will be available from Boots exclusively in June and will be £12.99 each.

Colour Restore New Products june 2015

For more information on Colour Restore Products, why not check out the Facebook or Twitter? Scott Cornwall is amazing and extremely friendly, so if you have a question ask – he does regular hair clinics on Facebook too.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx