As my hair is currently back to that platinum kind of shade, I thought I’d review a few products I’ve got in my arsenal that I’ve not shared with you before. I have tried numerous products to maintain my platinum or sometimes, silver hair and get a lot of questions on what I use. As I noticed I hadn’t mentioned the Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL HD M01 Icy Platinum mousse toner before, I thought I’d share my thoughts with you on the product with a before and after so you can see what its like.

Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL HD M01 Icy Platinum

Here is some information on the Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL HD M01 Icy Platinum…

Experience true hi-definition blonde with pure blonde tones!

Have you lightened or coloured your hair but haven’t quite achieved the cool blonde tone you’d like? LIVE Color XXL HD Blonde Toner Mousse in Icy Platinum, neutralises unwanted yellow tones that sometimes occur after lightening or colouring and conditions your hair in the process, leaving you with a soft, shiny, cool blonde result.


Firstly I want to start by saying this is a semi permanent product, it won’t stay in your hair and will wash out. If you want something more longer lasting I would recommend the Bleach London White Toner Kit (Which I’ll be reviewing for your guys soon) or something similar. I also want to say if your hair is not ULTRA light, I’m talking light yellow/cream, no orange or medium yellow tones this is NOT going to do anything for you. So many people will diss a product, but if you haven’t got the right lift in the first place, it won’t work!! This will do nothing to GOLD tones, it is for VERY LIGHT CREAM INSIDE OF A BANANA HAIR!! Ok I think I’ve made my point.

Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL HD M01 Icy Platinum

The LIVE Color XXL HD Blonde Toner Mousse is one of the easiest products to use in my opinion. You can really go wrong with it easily and so far even with some ‘slap dash’ applications I’ve never had an uneven result. If you have very porous ends, you may find the mousse will take more in those areas. This is down to your hair and other than applying it to other areas first and only leaving in one the porous areas a short time there isn’t much you can do about it.

Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL HD M01 Icy Platinum

Firstly its best if you can clarify your hair before application, I know this can be crazy advice for those who have bleached hair which is super dry! However, wash your hair in a gentle shampoo with no conditioning agents will mean this product is more likely to do something! Once your hair is washed, towel dry well to remove excess moisture. The product is ready to use, no mixing is required. Just squirt a gold ball amount into your hands and work it into your hair, then do another etc till all your hair is covered and the product has been worked in. The can may look small but if you’ve short hair will probably do 2-3 applications. Below shoulder length you should get 1-2 application, you may need a second can – be warned. Once applied I usually give it a good comb through and leave it a good 5 minutes, sometimes 10. I don’t find this toner is too intense and am yet to turn my hair purple! I also find I never use gloves with this and it doesn’t stain my hands as long as I wash them after application. As this is a hair dye even though it is a semi permanent and will only last a few washes, I would still recommend doing a strand test and a sensitivity test, mostly on the latter there! After application I rinse my hair, it does say you don’t need conditioner. I find as long as I pop a leave in conditioner on afterwards I’m pretty much good to go.

The results with this toner much like all toners will depending on the shade of your hair (How light it is) and condition of your hair too. Mine generally looks brighter after using this, I wouldn’t say white (The woman on the box has darker hair than me to begin with!) but it does look lighter and brighter. My hair is VERY shiny after though and looks rather glossy which is always a bonus with platinum hair. It doesn’t leave it very soft, but it certainly doesn’t make it worse either. This product claims to last up to 3 washes, I would say for me it lasts 1-2 depending what I use in honesty. It’s not a permanent fix and I would call this mousse more of a temporary fix more on the subtle side. It would be good for those how get their hair professionally done and want something to bide them over to their next appointment or don’t want to apply a permanent product and don’t mind something that doesn’t last long. The results i’ve had with this product have always been subtle, I can get better results with a purple shampoo. I personally think this product is better for those who find they even up over toning with purple shampoo and want something with ‘less vibrant’ results.Schwarzkopf LIVE Color XXL HD M01 Icy Platinum

I have to be honest, for me the LIVE Color XXL HD Blonde Toner Mousse does do what it says on the box but I don’t love it. As toners go that are semi permanent I prefer something more conditioning even if it doesn’t last oddles of washes. I’m still a huge fan of Scott Cornwall’s Colour Restore in Iced Platinum. It’s probably one of the best semi permanent toners which conditions your hair I’ve used (I’ll pop a review of that one up soon!) but does cost a little more. I wouldn’t not recommend the LIVE Color XXL HD Blonde Toner Mousse in Icy Platinum but it also wouldn’t be one of my most recommended either.

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Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx