Schwarzkopf Color Expert Light Cool Blonde 10.2 Hair Dye

Schwarzkopf Color Expert Light Cool Blonde 10.2 Hair Dye

Today I am sharing my experience with the Schwarzkopf Color Expert in Light Cool Blonde 10.2. I had many people ask me how I took my hair back from brunette to blonde. My aim was not platinum and I must stress this. I just want to put myself back to a brighter blonde as I was looking washed out. The process I used was done in 4 stages. Using the Color Expert tint was my final stage and used much like a toner.

Schwarzkopf Color Expert Light Cool Blonde 10.2 Hair DyeHere is some information on the Schwarzkopf Color Expert Light Cool Blonde 10.2 Hair Dye…

Schwarzkopf Color Expert Light Cool Blonde 10.2 Hair Dye

Discover the Salon-inspired colour innovation – now at home! Schwarzkopf Color Expert – a first-to-market home hair colour with Omegaplex Professional Anti-Breakage Technology

The innovative formula, inspired by professional PLEX and BOND revolution, is available in 15 luscious shades. The OmegaPLEX innovation works on the Micro-Bonds, which hold together the hair fibrils inside each hair fibre and provide hair with strength and structure. 

During colouring these Micro-Bonds can break leaving hair dry, brittle and prone to damage.

The Color Expert technology Omegaplex reinforces these Micro-Bonds, protecting hair against Up to 90% less breakage during and after colouring. It gives improved hair quality and an exceptional colour result.

Each box of Color Expert contains the 3-step OmegaPLEX professional Anti-Breakage technology:

1. PROTECT. The Anti-Breakage Serum (N°1) protects the Micro-Bonds during colouring.

2. SEAL. After colouring, the Repair Sealer (N°2) deeply repairs the hair fibre, sealing the colour intensity.

3. REINFORCE. After 3 weeks, the Repair Reviver (N°3) reconstructs the hair from within for beautified results.


Schwarzkopf Color Expert Light Cool Blonde 10.2 Hair Dye Colour prediction chartThe reason I chose the Color Expert hair dye was namely for the colour. At the time I had just lifted my hair for the second time and it was fairly pale orange/yellow. Like I stated before I didn’t want to go back platinum, that wasn’t my destination. But a cleaner base 9 blonde would be good and that was my aim. As I didn’t want to bleach my hair more (My ends were fairly light after all) toning down the orange was what I needed to do. By neutralising it with a cooler tone the orange should (Mostly) go and I should be left with a cleaner blonde. I will add, if you are aiming to get platinum from the level of my before pictures, you would need to lift it more before toning.

This whole process was not done in a day or a week. I took nearly 3 weeks doing this and was adding treatments twice a week too which helped. As with all colouring processes, strand test and a sensitivity test are a must!

In the box Color Expert is much like any other box dye on the market. Except you do have the little vial which you add to the colourant when you mix it. This reminded me of L’Oreal Preference (Not sure if they still have the vial in theirs). However, I think the vial with the Color Expert is similar to the part 1 of many bond systems (Olaplex, Matrix etc). In that it helps with the hair bonds during the colouring process. As with almost all box dyes I did not use the applicator bottle for application and mixed this up in a tint bowl. I did the whole process with my Framar tint brush.

Schwarzkopf Color Expert Light Cool Blonde 10.2 Hair Dye box contents

As I was working with an almost full head application I concentrated on the mid-lengths first, then roots. I did not apply the colour to the ends (As these were the lightest part) till around the 35 minute mark. The ends only had the colour on for around 7 minutes. I then rinsed thoroughly and applied No.2 after colouring conditioner. There is a fair bit in the sachet and I only needed half of it, so used this again a wash later.

The other sachet is used a few weeks later so keep that handy. After wards I just rough dried my hair and was pleased to see the orange was pretty much gone. There is only a few sections (From the original high lights)where it is more golden than the rest. But this I can live with. The colour was closer to a 9 at roots and mid-lengths with ends sitting around a 9-10 base.

Please note, my hair was quite yellow after. Although I was happy with it this colour I did run a purple shampoo through it at a later point. This gave me a more ashy blonde. I’m just adding that into this review but the after pictures are taken with just the tint and no toning products.

Schwarzkopf Color Expert Light Cool Blonde 10.2 Hair Dye results, before and after
Schwarzkopf Color Expert Light Cool Blonde 10.2 Hair Dye (Top – Bottom) Before and After

I think the biggest thing I noticed about the Color Expert hair dye from Schwarzkopf was the condition of my hair after. I have NEVER coloured my hair and had it feel so, well… Good! My hair felt amazing! Please note I was applying this colour over some VERY light ends and knew there could be breakage. But I didn’t have any! When rinsing it was amazing. I’m stating this now that just because I got no damage does not mean you wouldn’t. That’s why the strand test is essential. But this did make me realise that this hair colourant was pretty good and certainly agreed with my hair.

I didn’t notice any massive cool tones in my hair, but this colour was basically about neutralising warmth for me and that’s exactly what it did. For those who are extremely orange or even canary yellow I don’t think this would work for you as its a fairly light dye. But it certainly helped me achieve my desired shade and the condition of my hair feels great too.

To conclude I definitely would use this range again. As I will more than likely not bleach my hair again to lift it, I thought about using a different shade in the range next time. Or if I do bleach it, use one of their lightening kits in the range. Color Expert hair dye was a refreshing experience in hair dyes. Although I have only found it available on Amazon or in Boots so hope its not being discontinued. This colour get a thumbs up from me though and is one I will be using again in the future.

The Schwarzkopf Color Expert hair dye range is available at Boots. Currently on offer for £4.79 (Usually £6.79).