What a beautiful day it is here in Essex today. Sun is shining (Almost all the time), kids are happy (Well, they aren’t fighting at present so that’s usually a good start) and I managed to get my food shop done without wanting to murder someone!

I love Saturday’s and my title comes from a song by Alexander O’Neal (I know I’m old!) for the 80’s called, ‘Saturday Love’. Its a day of relaxing, not having to worry about getting up early in the morning and usually a day I do some form of shopping (all be it a food one today).
Really glad Blogger has finally fixed the problem from last night with the templates, my menu isn’t aligning correctly but I’m not too worried. At present the site is being rebuilt by my fantastic partner who is a web designer but that won’t be running for a while now, so will be putting up with the quirks of Blogger.
I’ll pop a post on tomorrow, I think it’s going to be my wish-list for June of things I want or need. Who am I kidding I need them all 😉
Hope you all have a lovely Saturday,
Lots of Love,
Mel xxxx