For those that remember Charlie’s Angels and I’m not talking the remake with the gorgeous Drew Barrymore (who I have a girl crush on as she’s just beautiful!) but the original tv series back in the 70’s, or was it 80’s? I only remember the re-runs as I’m not ‘that’ old 😉 Well, I’ve always loved that 70’s glamour, the big hair and the gorgeous outfits! These women were icons and Farrah Fawcett was one of the biggest of her time! She sadly lost her life in 2009 after a long battle to cancer but I feel her style will always live on.

Today I was playing with my Babyliss Glamour Waves. I’ve only used it about 3 times, so still working out the best way to curl etc with it especially on extensions as they seem to love the heat and huge barrel! I like to really try something before I review it, so thought today was a good opportunity to do use it again.
I’ve always loved big hair, yes I was one of those girls with a scary spiral perm back in the 80/90’s and thought I looked great. Looking back I think I looked terrible but still it was the fashion of the time – you did what you had to do. At present the summer waves are BIG in the industry and sported by so many. Whether it defined curls or loose waves every starlet seems to be wearing their hair this way at present. That’s why I am loving that so many manufacturers are bringing out bigger tongs to make those huge curls with lots of volume.
The beautiful Adele


Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian
Better tools and more publicitity of tutorials in magazines, blogs and Youtube is making it easier for people to copy the looks that only hairdressers used to be able to achieve. I think this is a fantastic thing though – for beauty and hair on a budget you can’t always afford to pay your hair dresser to do your hair before your big night out.
Here’s my take on the big hair, loose curls with the Babyliss Glamour Wave. As you cans see I do have my extensions in today thankfully otherwise I’d be sporting a bad ‘Rachel’ haircut from Friends!
This took me about 15 minutes to do in total, so not long really and easy for a big night out (although I’m not going out anywhere less you count the school run!).
I curled my hair hair extensions before I put them in. This is A LOT easier than doing them once they are in and I seem to be able to get more volume this way. I just wind the hair around the glamour wave barrel almost in a spiral motion. Leave it on the tongs for about 15-20 seconds and then release it slowly. I did this with each extension (all 10 of them) and left them to cool (about 5 minutes).
Once they were cool I put my extensions in 1 at a time. With each layer of hair in between I rolled my hair as I would if I was putting a rollers in to great volume more than curls between the layers.
When I got to the front sections I curled my own hair, taking it away from the face using the tongs in a vertical manor. To create volume but loose waves.
Once all my hair was done, I gently ran my hands through my hair lightly giving it a shake to loosen the curls.
Voila hairs done and looking glamourous, sexy and ready for a night out (or in my case school run and then good book or film later with a glass of wine and my partner).
It really is an easy look and so simple to achieve. I hope this helps someone out there to get big glamourous curls which do seem to hold well and not drop. If anyone wants a YouTube tutorial on this, drop me a comment and I’ll get one done.
Lots of Love,
Mel xxxx