Today’s review is on the new Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara. The new ‘shakeable’ mascara which states it could extend the life due to its unique patented shaker system. Could this be the new best thing since sliced bread? Is it really clump free? And will I look as amazing as Cara Delevingne if I use it? Ok maybe no on that last question, but it was worth asking right?

Here’s the blurb on the new Volume Shake Mascara…

It’s time to shake things up! Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara features a first-to-market patent-pending shaker system that refreshes the volumising formula whenever it’s needed. Shake it up to keep it fresh!

Volume Shake mascara gives lashes a beautiful Clump-free volume, from first to last use!

If you hate to throw away half-used mascara because it dries out or simply isn’t as good as new, this volumising black mascara is perfect for you. *source*

Firstly, lets talk briefly about the packaging. Its a nice shaped tube in a khaki like green with gold writing. Nothing really outstanding there. Its slightly heavier than your average mascara and has 9ml of product. Most mascaras sit around the 10/11ml range, so I’m guessing due to the technology inside you are getting a little less product, although not much less. I liked that the lid/wand when removed from the tube had a ‘lip’ to it. This made it feel more comfortable in my hand when using, I felt like there was more control there.

The brush its self is much what you would expect from a volumising mascara. The Volume Shake brush has close together bristles in a oval shaped brush. Its not too large so easy to work with, the bristles look the nylon variety which aren’t my favourite but I know means super volume!

I want to touch base on the fragrance before I go onto how it performs as I know many out there don’t like strong smelling mascaras. If you’ve used Rimmel mascara before you will know all their mascaras (Well, all the ones I’ve tried and I’d say over the years that is a lot) have a ‘scent’. Kind of synthetic plastic like. I’ll be honest I have never been keen on their scent and I do find it quite strong, this one is no exception. Although it doesn’t bother my eyes I know some out there it might, so if you can, have a sniff of this one before you try it.

Right onto application. I’ve done you my usual no mascara, 1 coat and 2 coats with the Volume Shake mascara. In honesty, I could easily stop at 1 but for those who want serious drama, I’m sure you could work this to 3 maybe 4 if you used a comb, or maybe you like that ultra chunky look? Its a fairly creamy formula to work with, but I found this meant I had time to really play with it. Get my lashes into the shape I wanted without it drying and being able to add more coats without it crumbling either.

When it comes to volume, Volume Shake has you covered. Yes I could get decent volume out of this and length too. In fact I didn’t curl my lashes as I find I don’t need too, but even got decent curl too and it lasted!

I popped this on at 7:45am and come 7pm (So almost 12 hours) I’d got minimal smudges (You could easily clean it up with a cotton bud and a little concealer if you were going out). So I found it lasted really well. I do find mascaras tend to last well on me these days and do wonder if its to do with me wearing glasses most of the time, so I’m unlikely to rub and smudge? I also found it didn’t crumble under my eyes, nor do I have the panda look (Not attractive less you are trying to rock the grunge look).

Over all, Volume Shake from Rimmel really is ‘shaking’ things up – get it! It performs great, looks good on and is a really good mascara that I enjoyed using. I’d be hard pushed to knock it if I’m honest. As for the shaking technology. This is something I’d have to update with. With the mascara being new and fresh I can’t comment on whether it will work and make it last longer for me. However, over the next month – 2 months I’ll be sure to rock back and update how I found it and whether I feel its just a gimmick or it really does work. Cost point of view, it sits about average for a pharmacy/drugstore mascara and I think is good value. Add to that you can often get deal on Rimmel (Gift with purchase, 2 for offers and discounts – check Boots and Superdrug) and its giving you what it says it will, well definitely Volume, time will tell on the shaking side of things.

Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara is available from Rimmel stockists (Superdrug, Boots, other pharmacies and some supermarkets). It is priced around £8.99.

For more information on Rimmel London products, you can check them out on their website, twitter and instagram. You can also follow the buzz of this mascara by checking out the hashtag #volumeshake

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx