Rimmel Bronze and Sculpt #ReadyForRadiance

Hot on the heels from Rimmel London after their recent #Insta collection is their #ReadyForRadiance Bronze and Sculpt look. Here are my thoughts on the products.

Rimmel have bought together 4 products to get that Summer glow going. I was interested to see how these products would fair as the #Insta collection didn’t WOW me. I’ve always found Rimmel to have great products, the problem being I feel they are more geared towards teen skin (Generally oily/normal where as mine is dry). The #Insta collection as a whole is good, but on my skin I only liked 2 products (Fix and Matte Powder and Conceal and Correct). The contour shades all felt a bit warm in my opinion and didn’t look great on my skin either. Moving forward here are my thoughts on the Bronze and Sculpt collection.

Rimmel London’s Sunshimmer instant tan light matte now with water resistant benefits – making it the ultimate night out accessory!


For an immediate flawless tan for the face and body that dries in an instant and won’t come off on your clothes.

Lasts up to 24 hours and washes off. Now comes in a water resistant formula, making it the ultimate night out accessory!*source*

The SunShimmer Instant Tan is a great little product. I remember getting this in a beauty box last year (I think?) and found it a must for the Summer. I tan very easily but my face is always in the ‘WHITE GHOST FACE’ zone. In Summer I don’t like wearing makeup but with factor 50SPF my face rarely tans and looks weird against my mega brown body. Step forward Instant Tan from Rimmel. The medium matte shade is perfect for making my face the same colour as my body.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan Medium Matte (Left) Unblended (Right) Blended

Its matte so there’s no shimmer. In looks natural plus its waterproof! The tan doesn’t transfer once dry either. This product is for face and body and it really does work a treat. My daughter even used it on her legs for her prom as she wore a short style prom dress giving her legs a nice subtle glow (Her dress was cream plus her shoes were cream satin and it did not transfer at all!). There is no SPF and I would apply this like a self tan (With a mitt and also having moisturised elbows, wrists/hands, knees and ankles) for application. It lasts till  you next shower and over all I can’t fault this stuff. Its a favourite of mine. I use the medium which suits my tanned skin perfectly. Available in 3 shades from Superdrug and costs £6.99 for 125ml.

Rimmel London Insta Duo Contour Stick in Light

Want the London look? Rimmel London introduces Insta Duo Contour Stick! Contour and highlight your cheekbones, nose and cupid bow with this fabulous duo

Double-Ended Format

Easy Application

Defines & Accentuates Facial Features *source*

I was sent all 3 shades of the Rimmel #Insta Duo Contour sticks and admit they were probably my least favourite thing in the collection. Yes the highlight is actually quite pretty. There’s a gorgeous champagne/gold shimmer to each of the highlights (Each with a slighter deeper tone to suit different skin tones) which looks beautiful on almost all skin tones.

Rimmel London Insta Duo Contour Stick in Light swatch

My issue with this product came with the contour stick. Talk about warm toned! I love a good contour. I contour my face daily and use both power and cream products. But I hated this contour stick it was, orange. It felt very creamy and blended so well that there was nothing left on my skin after. Having using this with both my fingers, sponge and even a brush. I could not get it to work for me in any shade at all. I have watched some videos on people using it and it working for them, but this was not a product for me at all. Sorry.

Available in 3 shades at Superdrug the Insta Duo contour stick cost £6.99 each.

Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Palette 002 Coral Glow (Top) Highlight (Middle) Contour (Bottom) Blush

First impressions can be deceiving. When I looked at the Rimmel Kate Sculpting palette I won’t lie I didn’t like it. The highlight looked powdery and bland, the contour orange and the only thing I did like was the blush. Still I will try a product no matter what and share my thoughts with you on it honestly. Boy was I surprised! On application this product looked really good. Startin with the contour shade in the hollows of my cheek, I then applied the blush to my cheeks and the highlight to my cheek bones and cupids bow. The result, a beautiful glowy look without looking over done. I love how pigmented the shades were on my skin. Unlike when I swatched these I didn’t find on application that they were too powdery. I love coral toned blushers so this Sculpting Palette in 002 Coral Glow is perfect. I would say for the ultra pale lovelies out there I can’t see the contour working for you and do wonder if the highlight might be too golden. But for light/medium skin tones and above I think it would work.

Available at Superdrug the Kate Sculpting Palette in Coral Glow costs £6.99.

Rimmel London Radiance Brick in Medium 002

An ultra-fine, multi-tonal bronzing powder for soft shimmer effects and a glamorous, healthy looking glow.

Bronze & highlight

Sun-kissed look *source*

Another surprise product for me was this new Rimmel Radiance Brick in 002 Medium. Generally I don’t like a lot of sparkle in my bronzers, but this bronzer shouldn’t be ignored.

Rimmel London Radiance Brick in Medium 002 Swatch blended

Yes there is some VERY LIGHT sparkle but it sits more on the ‘glow’ size and less on the chunky glitter. I admit I wouldn’t use this bronzer in the Autumn or Winter. But for Summer when I like my skin to glow and look sun kissed this is perfect. Made up of strips of different bronze shades I swirled my brush and applied this to my cheeks, below my contour on my forehead and lightly across the bridge of my nose. I loved the glow I got and can see me using this Radiance Brick a lot.

I currently cannot find this product at Superdrug.com as its a new product but am sure it will be available shortly. For more details check out Rimmel London.


To conclude the Rimmel Bronze and Sculpt look products are pretty good. I created this natural look using the SunShimmer Instant Tan in Medium Matte as a base. To conceal I used the Insta Conceal and Contour Palette in Medium (Spot coverage and under eye circles only). Following up with a light dusting of Rimmel Insta Fix and Matte powder (Just to set concealer). I then applied the Kate Sculpting palette and finished up with some of the Radiance Bronzer. On my eyes is my old favourite Lash Accelerator Mascara. The look is fresh and glowing without being over the top. Perfect for school runs, trips to the shops or town or even work. This look also lasted me pretty much all day. For a drugstore/pharmacy look I was super impressed!

For more information on Rimmel London products, you can check them out on their website, twitter and instagram. You can also follow the buzz of these products with the hashtag #ReadyForRadiance