Revolution PRO Hair Colour Remover

Revolution PRO Hair Colour Remover

I’ve reviewed a few colour removers in my time of blogging. While recently picking up some things form Superdrug, I noticed Revolution (The makeup people) had bought out one too. As it was on offer and you know I can’t resist trying a hair product out to review, I grabbed one. Here are my thoughts on the Revolution PRO Hair Colour Remover and how it measures up to others on the market.

Couple of things before I start. Firstly, the results I achieved with this product may be different if you used it (Could be better, could be worse). Always do a sensitivity test before using ANY chemical treatment. Just google reactions to hair dyes/chemical treatment etc. A strand test is also advised, although that’s more with colouring that colour remover.

Revolution PRO Hair Colour RemoverAlso, as with all colour removers, you really do have to use them correctly. I see so many bad reviews on colour removers, but often its because stages have been skimped on. Or not carried out correctly. Remember, as a whole most colour removers will not remove direct dyes (Manic Panic, Directions etc). Sometimes when they are placed over a direct dye, they can go a strange colour.

Colour removers only remove semi/demi and permanent colours. Also if you have had bleach (High lights, full head etc) those areas where you applied colour onto the bleach may have stained the hair. So this will not remove staining. A colour remover will not remove bleach from your hair. Bleached hair has had the colour pigment stripped from it.

A colour remover (Not stripper, that’s a different thing) will NOT lift your hair colour. If you find your natural roots are darker after using a colour remover than the hair that had the colour removed. Its because most permanent colours are a 6% peroxide. This means when you pop them on your hair and process them they can lift 1-2 shades. Although you could even be adding a darker shade on there, when removed your hair could be lighter. So again, no blaming the colour remover for doing this. Its the peroxide from the colour you applied before.

With that all being said I’ll get onto my review of this product. As with most colour remover posts I’ve done I do have some expectations. So here is a little hair history. I currently have a permanent colour on my hair (See my review of the Josh Wood colour here). Before that I have not had any permanent colours on my hair since March. I have not bleached my hair since then either. All I have used in that time was toners or demi permanent colours. Although I did apply the Colour Freedom Bronze Metallic (See review here) and it classes its self as a permanent. I still feel it is more of a demi as the peroxide was less than a 3% and deposit only. Here are my expectations…

  • To remove the Josh Wood Colour from my hair – this may leave some staining on the bleached areas but should get my hair back to a base 7 with lighter ends.
  • To prepare my hair for a future colour – I advice waiting at least 48 hours after doing a colour removal to see what you are left with. Oxidisation after colour removers can occur up to 48 hours after. Leaving you with a darker result.

I want to also add, DO NOT put a permanent colour straight on top of your hair after using a colour remover. It will only go dark again. Use a semi permanent preferably (One that lasts only a few shampoos). Products that last up to 24 washes (Clairol Nice n Easy non permanent and L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss) are best left till a while after as they often will take the hair too dark.

You will probably be left with VERY brassy looking hair after a colour remover. So bare in mind it might not be a final destination, but just a stop towards it. Colour Removers only shrink the hair dye molecules but never remove them all. So if you then decide after a colour remover I’m going to put this blonde box dye on my hair and expect it to go that colour, it won’t happen. Tint + Tint = Darker Tint. Tint cannot lift tinted hair. If you are going to apply a colour choose one at least 2 shades lighter than your destination colour to allow for it going darker.

Here is some information on the Revolution PRO Hair Colour Remover…

This salon professional-strength hair colour quickly and easily removes permanent, semi-permanent and temporary colours (including home and salon dyes) to restore natural colour or prep your hair for a new look with no down time.Formulated without bleach or ammonia for gentle, damage-free colour removal, Revolution PRO Hair Colour Remover also works as a hair detox, helping to remove product build up, silicones and pollution. Nourishing Baobab Oil helps to condition dry and damaged hair, restoring softness and elasticity.


Revolution PRO Hair Colour RemoverThis kit comes with pretty much everything you will need. When I am working with short hair like my own I apply using the bottle. If you have long hair I’d recommend using a tint bowl and brush. The kit is very similar to Colour B4 (Review Here), Jo Baz (Review Here), Pro:Voke (Review Here) and Colourless. All products smell terrible when on the hair processing. You need to mix The activator and remover together and apply these to DRY hair. I recommend using a clarifying shampoo a wash before using these products to remove products built up. Once applied, wrap your hair in cling film, pop a towel on it to keep the heat in. Then wait 45 minutes to process.

At this point you may find you have scary looking yellow hair! Do not panic, it will go darker and the rinsing stage needs to begin. Another thing to note here, if you have thick medium length hair or long hair, get 2 boxes! Do not skimp on using the product as you will get an uneven patchy result.

Revolution PRO Hair Colour RemoverDo not SKIMP on rinsing!! This part is the most important. Make sure to READ and FOLLOW the INSTRUCTIONS completely. As you rinse use your hair try to push the water down towards the ends with your hands. Do this for a minimum of 5 minutes. If your hair is long or thick I’d do it for 10 minutes. Apply the buffer and massage this is like shampoo. Give your hair a good massage, wait a minutes and the rinse again. Rinse for the same time you did originally, so 5-10 minutes. I know its a lot of rinsing but this part is imperative. Now apply the rest of the buffer, massage in for 1 minute and rinse again for 5 minutes.

I know by this point your necks killing you if you do it over a bath. Doing this in the shower is easier. Once you have rinsed then you can apply the conditioner, leave for a minute or 2 and then rinse. You are now done. DO NOT COLOUR YOUR HAIR AGAIN NOW!!! Let you hair air dry or dry it with a hair dryer. See the result and if you can leave it a couple of days before you move on.

Revolution PRO Hair Colour Remover
Revolution PRO Hair Colour Remover (Top Row) Before using product (Bottom Row) 48 hours after using product to allow for oxidisation.
*please note I had no makeup on top row pics so look paler. However as you can see from background lighting and my eye colour this is a true result of the hair colour after

Here are my results and findings;

  • Revolution Pro Hair Colour Remover doesn’t smell as strong as the likes of Colour B4. It does have that ‘egg’ like scent but I found it a little milder.
  • The smell did not linger on my hair like Colour B4 does. In fact, the conditioner that came with the kit took a lot of the scent away.
  • The tedious amount of rinsing drives me insane. This is why I’d usually favour the Decolour Remover (Review here)
  • The buffer made my hair feel so dry I thought it would snap! It was like the strongest clarifying shampoo ever. I honestly was concerned!
  • The conditioner in this kit smells amazing! It also leaves your hair so soft and glossy. This was much needed after that buffer! I left the conditioner in a few minutes rather than the suggested 1 minute.
  • The results were much like I expect they would be. I did think the ends might be a bit lighter than the result, but I think this was down to staining from the Bronze Metallic. My hair is sitting around a base shade 7 with warm/golden under tones. I did mix a little my of Cool colour shot conditioner with the conditioner in this kit to tone down the orange. But this will wash out over the next wash or 2.
  • For the price compared to other colour removers that are similar I feel this product worked well and did what it said it would for me.

To conclude I’m glad I tried the Revolution Pro colour Remover. I would recommend it for those trying to remove colours they have applied from their hair. Obviously not for those using direct dyes though. I feel Colour B4 max strength is stronger than this. But that this is the same as Colourless. In fact I think its made in the same place and wouldn’t be surprised if it is the same (I just can’t remember if that ones comes with a conditioner and if it smelt the same).

Over preference I do still prefer Decolour Remover. Only because you don’t have to rinse as long, it smells better plus works just as well. The difference of course is the price though. I did  buy the Revolution Pro remover when on offer and it cost me £7.99. I believe its regular price is £9.99. So cheaper than the other one I prefer. Generally though this did exactly what it said it would and gets a thumbs up from me – if I could move my arms as they ache from all the rinsing!

You can purchase the Revolution Pro Colour Remover from Superdrug. Currently on offer it costs £7.99.