Revlon Colorsilk Buttercream 54G and Bayalage Tutorial

Today’s post is a review on the Revlon Colorsilk Buttercream hair colour in 54G Light Golden Brown.

In addition there is a tutorial on how I do my bayalage. I get so many questions on my technique and it really is easy, even on yourself.

I’m not going to go into the technique in this post as I demonstrate it on the video. You do not have to use this dye either to use the technique. You will need a bowl and a tint brush for application. This method is great if you do have darker hair and lighter ends and don’t want have to do your roots so often or grow out a lighter style. On the video I am doing it slower. I find I can do my full head in about 15 minutes. You can also do this with a semi permanent dye too or even a fashion colour to mix things up (Pintrest has some great inspiration for different colour options).

Here is a little info on the Revlon ColorSilk hair colourants…

The only Ammonia-free permanent haircolour cream formulated with a triple butter complex. Enriched with Argan Oil, delivering superior colour, ultimate shine and luxurious texture.

The drip-free, creamy formula saturates and fortifies every strand, spreading easily and distributing rich colour. *source*

The Colorsilk buttercream hair dye is a permanent, ammonia free colourant. It is affordable and in my opinion gives good results. Containing 3 ‘butters’ (Mango, Shea and Coconut) plus argan oil, you know it should leave your hair soft and glossy.


The shade indication chart gives results from dark blonde to dark brown. I applied this in the video on medium blonde hair (As it was on my roots and not my platinum mid lengths/ends). As you can see from the results the colour came out looking lovely.

One of the biggest thing that surprised me with this Revlon dye was the lack of scent. It had NO STRONG SMELL at all like usual with other dyes. Other dyes that are ammonia free still smell disgusting therefore can be off putting. Colorsilk didn’t smell of anything more than a scented conditioner hence my bathroom didn’t stink. The post colouring conditioning sachet smelt amazing thus leaving and most of all left my hair feeling healthy. Unlike many conditioners which give your hair that ‘false silicon’ feel often masking hairs condition. I loved how my hair was glossy, soft and therefore felt good after. I got the results exactly how I wanted them.

In conclusion Colorsilk really impressed me for a box dye. I’ve not used one on my hair for so long as I’ve been using professional products. Finally with minimal fragrance, good results and a reasonable price its a winner in box dyes! Bare in mind these results and my opinion is based on results I obtained. You may not get the same results using the same method or product. As always I cannot be held responsible if you copy what I have done and do not get the same results.

You can purchase the Revlon Colorsilk Buttercream hair dyes from Superdrug, often on offer they are currently £4 or 2 for £7.

What’s your thoughts on the Colorsilk hair dyes? Have you tried them?