Reviews Coming This Week And Updates

It’s been a rather wet nasty weekend but at least the sun is out today. Another good thing about today is its my week off! Every year I get 1 week without my children when they go and spend the week with their dad. It’s a time when I’d usually go away, but this year I’m staying home to get a few things done here and relax! I will miss them like crazy so I’ll be keeping busy!

Reviews for this week will be;

A comparison of 3 different brands of False Eyelashes (I’ve really enjoyed trying these out!)
Rimmel’s Day to Night Mascara (In Black)
Soap and Glory’s Flakeaway Body Scrub

I will also be doing a YouTube video or 2 which won’t be a review as such but a VBlog of my journey of giving up smoking. I have given up smoking numerous times before but this time I’ve decided i’m doing it for good and without putting on the weight too. I thought it might help people who are also thinking about giving up and it’ll mean I’ll have more money to buy lots of other beauty things to review!

Lots of love,

Mel xxxx