The weekend is here and I wanted to share with you a nail of the day! At present I have tips on my nails (Baby pink ones don’t you know), so I haven’t been painting my nails on my hand. Instead I’ve gone potty on my toes.

I was recently sent 3 gorgeous nails varnishes from a new brand I’d not tried – eye Candy London, a brand exclusive to Sainsburys! Over the next few posts I thought I’d share with you some Nail of the Days showing you the gorgeous colours and telling you my opinion on them. Being Friday today it made total sense to share with you Fizzy Friday! A gorgeous, rich orange cream polish.

This is the first eye Candy polish I have used, so expectations are high! The nail polish boasts the following claims;

Long lasting

Chip resistent

Ultra gloss shine

My first impressions are really good! The polish is quite solid in colour, 1 coat may be enough for some (Unless you have strong discolouration of the nails or damage). The ultra shine claims are spot on – I usually only get this kind of shine by adding a good glossy top coat.

Varnish generally lasts well on my toes but I am terrible for chipping them – 4 days in and I have no chips at all! The colour looks as good as when it was first applied so I feel it meets its claims of being chip resistant and long lasting.

As for the true burnt orange colour, I love it! It reminds me of an old pair of sling-backs I owned in the same colour with kitten heels. The colour is bright and eye catching – I can see this being a big favourite for me throughout the Summer!

Fizzy Orange is part of the Core Collection, the Core Collection consists of  14 shades – so there is something for everything. The Core Collection polishes are £6.00 and available exclusively at Sainsburys supermarket stores.

A really affordable nail polish which lasts well and looks great. I look forward to sharing with you the other colours and buying a few more too!

For more information on eye Candy London why not check out their Website,  Facebook and Twitter pages.

Why not make yours a Fizzy Friday? Have a great weekend!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx