When it comes too tanning its not just the product you use that can make or break your tanning experience, its also down to the preparation work too. I have posted before about the importance of exfoliating the skin before applying fake tans and in between your next application. Many don’t bother and sometimes its the ones who don’t who get the streaky fade that everyone tries their best too avoid. It wasn’t till recently I found out the exfoliant I had been using was an oil based one, this is great on the skin but not soo good before applying fake tan as it leaves excessive oils on the skin which effect the tanning process.

The lovely people at Xen-Tan sent me over some of their Xen-Tan Body Scrub too try and see if it would help with my tanning experience and improve my tan.


Xen-Tan Body scrub comes in a 236ml bottle with a pump dispenser. It is not the easiest of products too get out and you have to make a few pumps too get a decent amount to apply to your body. It does have a turnable spout which means when not in use you can lock the contents inside – very handy if you are clumsy like me and knock it in the bath or if you don’t want your children touching it. It smells minty fresh and is such a lovely smell it reminds me of the morning shower gel I used to have that woke me up in the shower first thing in the morning. The smell is not over powering and if anything I found it invigorating.


There is tiny little granules in the scrub which aren’t rough and scratchy like some exfoliants and glide over the skin gently exfoliating all the dead skin cells and dry skin patches you may have. Its so gentle using it between your next tanning session means you are prolonging your fake tan and refreshing your skin so its smooth and soft. I would also say you could use it on your face as it’s not too harsh at all.

It is so easy too apply, just wet your body whether in the shower or bath, add some of the Xen-Tan Body Scrub too your hand, mitt or flannel and work it over your body in circular motions. Enjoy the scent of the scrub and when finished just rinse your skin with water.  When you get out the bath pat your skin dry and you are ready for your fake tan.

It costs £14.99 which is more than some Body Scrubs, however you don’t need as much when you apply it. I found I used half the amount I would of my normal scrub  which makes it fairly good value for money in the long term. Also it really helped when used in conjunction with my self tanning and made my tan more even, last longer and easier too apply. I really liked this body scrub and my only gripe with it was the minimal amount that came out when I used the pump – however this is a small flaw and one I think anyone could get over when the product really is that good.

I will be buying this in the future and think my old body scrub will become redundant as I get such a better application of my fake tan now using the Xen-Tan one!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx