Review: Wild About Beauty Ultra Dewy Glow Stick in Winston

Another great product today from those lovely girls (Louise Redknapp and Kim Jacob) at Wild About Beauty, The Ultra Dewy Glow Stick… Could it be the answer to your highlighting needs?

Wild About Beauty Ultra Dewy Glow Stick

Here is some information about the Wild About Beauty Ultra Dewy Glow Stick….

Instantly revitalise and illuminate your complexion with our ultra smooth, creamy highlighting sticks.

Infused with Vitamin E and Beeswax this cream highlighter has a moisturising and lightweight texture that easily blends onto the skin for a bright and beautiful, youthful finish.


If there are 2 things I do daily, its contour and highlight. My face lacks shape and is a little chubby, so it helps to take a few pounds off and give me a glow. I usually stick with powder highlighters as I find that the creams are too pigmented or slide straight off within hours. Wild About Beauty’s Ultra Dewy Glow Stick may be the answer to my cream highlighting problems.

Wild About Beauty Ultra Dewy Glow Stick

Designed like many of the old cream ‘rouges’ (As my nan would call them), Wild About Beauty have made their Ultra Dewy Glow Stick in a ‘traditional’ cream blush push up, much like a lipstick but larger. I personally prefer this style of packaging to the pans as its easy for on the go and less messy in my opinion (Especially if you like to keep your packaging looking nice). I also feel there is less waste with the product when using it.

Wild About Beauty Ultra Dewy Glow Stick

Wild About Beauty Ultra Dewy Glow Stick comes in 2 shades, Winston and Benny (Don’t you just adore the product names!). Winston is more of a lighter creamy shade where as Benny is more of a golden shade. The one I am reviewing for you today is Winston.

Application is super easy, you have 2 options really; applying the highlighter directly from the packaging onto your face, or using your finger to apply it from the packaging instead. I prefer applying it directly as its super quick and instant. The product isn’t too large that you apply too thick of a line and if you do by chance apply too much, its easily blended away with your foundation brush. Once applied, I either blend it with my fingers or use a brush.

Wild About Beauty Ultra Dewy Glow Stick

Another thing I like about this product is its subtlety. Some highlighters on the market as I mentioned above are ridiculously pigmented, you end up sparkling like Edward Cullen (Which is great if that’s the look you are aiming for, not so great if you are heavy handed and was aiming for light and dewy glow like JLo).

Wild About Beauty Ultra Dewy Glow Stick definitely has some lasting power on my face. As I’ve said, one of my biggest issues was having a cream highlighter that actually lasted and didn’t slide off. I have been using this product a few days now and have found that it lasts me throughout the day and still looks as good hours later.

Wild About Beauty Ultra Dewy Glow Stick Swatch
Wild About Beauty Ultra Dewy Glow Stick Swatch

I personally feel Winston will suit many skin tones. If you look at the general shade of highlighters on the market whether cream or powder, Winston fits into those shade guidelines. Its the more wearable of the 2 shades in my opinion and I can see it being very popular.

Although I have talked mainly about using this product on my cheeks to highlight, I have found it is perfect for a brow highlight and cupids bow too! The product has a light shimmer as you can see from the swatch above. Blended out its glowy and dewy (Much like its name suggests) and build able if you like something a little more striking. In terms of intensity I would class this as a light to medium highlighter – no Edward Cullen glow here, just a beautiful natural glow.

The Wild About Beauty Ultra Dewy Glow Stick costs £17.00 for 4g of product and can be purchased directly from Wild About Beauty.

For more information on Wild About Beauty, why not check out their WebsiteFacebook or Twitter pages?

Lots of Love,

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*Disclaimer – This product was sent to me for review purposes