Review: Viridian Ultimate Beautea

I have always been a big fan of herbal teas and their properties, today I would like to share with you a review of Viridian Ultimate Beautea.

Viridian Ultimate Beautea
Viridian Ultimate Beautea

Here is some information about Viridian Ultimate Beautea…

Part of the Viridian Nutrition range of ethical food supplements and organic beauty products, Ultimate Beautea is a delicately aromatic antioxidant and cleansing beverage for everyday consumption. 100% organic and naturally caffeine-free.

Ultimate Beautea is a refreshing and cleansing blend of hibiscus flowers, rose petals (rosa damascena), calendula petals, chamomile flowers, licorice root and cleavers leaf. The tea offers a pleasing aroma and deliciously fragrant, gently sweet flavour.

Drink Ultimate Beautea from Viridian Nutrition as part of your beauty regimen alongside a fresh organic varied diet, plenty of water and supplements. The tea ritual dates back to antiquity, simply place one teaspoon of herbs in a cupful of boiling water, allow to steep for five minutes, then strain and enjoy. Ultimate Beautea can also be enjoyed by using a tea infuser.

*source – press release*

I have drank herbal tea now for about 20 years and have tried various types. I prefer a loose leaf to bags if I’m honest and brewing in the traditional way of a china teapot – I don’t care what people say, it does taste better that way.

When I was asked if I wanted to try Viridian Ultimate Beautea I of course accepted. But not just because of it being a herbal tea (Which I knew I would love), but because of the all natural organic ingredients and its cleansing properties.

Viridian Ultimate Beautea - The beautiful loose tea
Viridian Ultimate Beautea – The beautiful loose tea

To say a ‘tea’ looks beautiful would be a strange thing to say, but the beautiful  mix of dried flowers is as pretty too look at as it is delicious to drink. It has a really naturally sweet flavour many teas strive to have and fail (Unless you add honey to them). The teas flavour is relaxing like chamomile and sweet like honey and fennel. Its a blend tha’ts hard to describe and saying it tastes, ‘Lovely’ is an understatement. Add to that the aroma which is both relaxing and inviting and you really do have an amazing cup of tea!

My partner Mark has always ‘snubbed’ my herbal teas stating they wasn’t for him. But even he has had a few cups now of the Viridian Ultimate Beautea and enjoys the flavour too. Being someone who likes sweet things and usually has to add sweetness, he found this tea was perfect as it was.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Viridian Ultimate Beautea tea experience. I do find that my usual heaped teaspoon sometimes isn’t enough and I will add 2 to the pot, but that is a taste preference and I’m sure many would only have 1.

The Viridian Ultimate Beautea costs £12.00 for 50g of product. This doesn’t sound very much, however the tea is so light that it will make quite a few beautiful cups of tea and last a while (Even if like me you like to drink it a few times a day!). You can purchase Viridian Ultimate Beautea and other products from the Viridian website.

For more information on Viridian Nutrition and their product lines, why not check out their Website, Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

*Disclaimer – This product was sent to me for review purposes