It’s hard to believe I’ve been testing the Urban Decay Lush Lash System now for 6 weeks. Time flies when you’re having fun. For those who’ve missed my previous posts;

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To make things a little easier for comparison;

My eyelashes before using the Urban Decay Lush Lash System at the start of this review

Urban Decay Lush Lash System after using 6 Weeks

I think to a degree the images speak for themselves. My lashes are thicker and slightly longer; however the word in that sentence used was slightly. I am happy with the growth I have had and my lashes now look fuller than ever. But I don’t think I’d say there was a 63% improvement from when I first started using the Lush Lash System. As with all these lash serums they always do the percentages and the maths, the x out of x people and clinical studies; I stated at the beginning of this review 4 weeks ago (When I’d been using Lush Lash for 2 weeks) I wasn’t going to be unrealistic and as long as there was some ‘difference’ and ‘improvement’ I would be happy. I am happy with the growth I’ve had and for the price of £28 I feel this product is good value too. My lashes are in great condition. Unless I rub them hard I don’t lose any, they are fuller than before and I don’t have any ‘gaps’ anymore and I think you can see there is a small amount of length too.

Would I recommend Lush Lash System to others? Yes I would. But it doesn’t work over night and you have to religiously use it every night without fail. But for £28 you should at least have lovely conditioned lashes – you may also see length and growth too after time. I believe with these beauty products in general they do work differently for everyone so where as one person may notice a 80% growth, someone else may only have a 25%. However if you do take a before and after photo I’m sure you will notice a change.

I will be moving onto my next ‘Lash Serum’ project now so will be stopping using Lush Lash System. However, I would use it again because I know it does work and as I’ve said I am happy with the results – but like most women I guess I would have liked things bigger!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx