Review: This Works No Wrinkles Wonder Essence

I have reviewed many products on my blog; some I love, some not so much, some were great others were amazing, but in all honesty there’s not many that have the ‘wow’ factor. When I saw the video of Kathy Phillips talking about the This Works No Wrinkle Wonder Essence I was a little wowed I admit. I jumped at the chance of trying this product and now would like to share with you my thoughts and feelings on it after using it a while…

this works no wrinkles wonder essence

What better way to give you some information on the No Wrinkles Wonder Essence, than to share with you the video I watched myself…


Firstly I wanted to talk about the packaging, its clean, crisp and I really love it. The product has a pump action top which delivers just the right amount of product I have found in 2 pumps on me for my face and neck. Its a 60ml (2floz) product which will last a reasonable amount of time as you only need a small amount with each use.

This Works No Wrinkles Wonder Essence

Many people may feel they don’t have time for a product like this, but you would be surprised just how quick and easy it is to use each morning before you apply your moisturiser and makeup. I also feel its a refreshing experience and helps me feel more awake and ready for the day. This is namely down to the fragrance of the product; the mixture of witch hazel, orange and rose is a lovely combination.

What I liked about This Works No Wrinkles Wonder Essence?

  • Firstly, being someone who suffers with sensitive skin I loved that I had no reaction to this product. My skin is naturally quite dry and this didn’t dry my skin out or give me any problems.
  • I noticed my pores were definitely minimised. This meant that my skin looked youthful.
  • It helped with my uneven complexion too, minimising the redness I often get once I have washed my face in the morning.
  • When I applied this under my moisturiser and then applied my makeup, I found it helped the appearance of my foundation look better on my skin. In this I mean that with my pores being reduced and my fine lines minimised I had a more youthful appearance.
  • I liked that my skin actually felt different while I worked the product into my skin. Almost like it felt tighter. It made me feel the product was actually working on my skin as a posed to just sitting there on the top layer.
  • The patting motion is really relaxing and a nice way to wake up your skin in the morning.
This Works No Wrinkles Wonder Essence in my hand. This is 2 pumps, all I used on my face
This Works No Wrinkles Wonder Essence in my hand. This is 2 pumps, all I used on my face

What I didn’t like?

There was nothing I didn’t like about this product.

Since having this product I have used it daily but noticed fairly quickly my pores were minimised. There aren’t many products I have used that I noticed such a quick result with. I have been wowed and it takes a lot for a product to achieve that with me.

After trying This Works No Wrinkles Wonder Essence I definitely will look at other products in the range. I didn’t know much about This Works range before but feel its one brand more people should know about and definitely try.

This Works No Wrinkles Wonder Essence

The This Works No Wrinkles Wonder Essence costs £30.00 for 60ml of product. You can purchase it directly from This Works and also see their full range there too.

For more information on This Works and their full range why not check out their Website, Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx