With so many tanning products on the market, its really hard to know which ones are good. From creams to lotions, sprays and mousses, everyone has a favourite – I have to say mine now is self tanning mousses. I have 6 different self tanning mousses in my collection but am always looking for a new product.

I recently was asked if I would like to try and share my thoughts with you on a brand I hadn’t heard of before, ‘Tantastic‘. Being a connoisseur (Or should that be addict?) of fake tans I jumped at the chance. Here are my thoughts on the Tantastic Self Tanning Mousse….

Here is a little information directly from Tantastic about their Self Tanning Mousse…

With all the great Tantastic features you know and love in a soft, easy to apply foam, the new mousse is set to become a firm favourite!

Tantastic Mousse:

• Instant colour – no risk of missed areas
• Rich, golden tone
• Suitable for all skin types
• Paraben free
• Lasts up to 5 days 


The first thing I loved about Tantastics is their packaging. Not many people would team brown and pink together – but lets be honest, it really works! I love the girlie font and contrast of colour. Inside the box we have a plastic bottle with pump dispenser and lid. All are pretty sturdy and don’t look like they will be breaking easily!

As with most self tanning mousses, it is tinted so application is a breeze. You can see just where you have applied it and where you need to apply more. The mousse glides over your skin with ease and although its quick drying there’s time to work it into the skin for an even finish. I used a mitt when applying this tan as I do with all my tans and found the application really simple.

** Tan Tip** When applying fake/self tan to your face, use a buffing brush (I have an ELF Studio Buffing Brush just for this purpose). The application is always even and looks much more natural!!

The mousse is a lovely golden shade on the skin when applied, it doesn’t look fake at all. In fact you could easily pop this on and where it straight out (Which is exactly why I did!). Even my hands and face had no tell tale signs like with some tans that I had just applied it. I was really impressed.

One down point on this tan is it doesn’t smell amazing. It doesn’t really have that ‘fake tan’ smell about it either, but it isn’t fragranced that I could tell. This is the only thing about this tan I wasn’t keen on, I think I’ve been spoilt with fragranced tans! However, the real proof of any tan is the results not the fragrance.

I put the tan on first thing in the morning and washed it off about 9 hours later in the evening. Usually I do my tans over night but I wanted to get some day light images to show you how it fairs on the skin.

Skin before applying Tantastic Self Tanning Mousse

Skin after applying Tantastic Self Tanning Mousse

Results of Tantastic Self Tanning Mousse after 9 hours and washing

This tan would be excellent for most skin tones. As its a golden colour result even fairer skin would be fine using this. There was no sign of orange ‘fakeness’ in the results at all. I was very impressed! Since going blonde again I didn’t want to look too orange or too brown, but this was just perfect.

I would say it took about 4 days before there was any fade and this was gradual. No orange peel looking skin at all.

Overall, I would definitely use Tantastic Self Tanning Mousse again. The colour result is lovely, the tan lasted well and it looks really natural on my skin tone.

For more information on Tantastic Self Tanning Mousse why not check out their website? The Self Tanning Mousse can be purchased directly from them for £22.50 for 150ml, but I’ve found it at a better price of £16.50 at Mistry’s Pharmacy (Mistry’s also have a great range of other products, so I would definitely check them out! Fast delivery too.)

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx