Too many people are jetting off to warmer climates for their holidays – I’m not jealous (Ok maybe a little bit!). British weather is either great or severely disappointing. Most of the time disappointing but alas we can’t control the weather. However, we can control our sun protection.

Sun protection is something people still take for granted. Yes we buy our face creams with SPF and apply out sun creams to our bodies, but how often can you say you are protecting your lips with a good SPF too? Our lips are one of the parts of our bodies that are always on show to the elements. Often in Summer they can become dry and sore, this is mainly because of sun damage.

Being someone who is obsessed with lip balms I like to protect my lips with a good balm but admit not many of them have a SPF factored into them. Recently I was asked if I would like to try the TAnatomicals Stick It Where The Sun Does Shine Stick SPF30 Lip Protector. I of course couldn’t say no!

Here’s a little information straight from TAnatomicals about their lip protector….

summer tips for hot lips

from St Lucia to St. Tropez, it’s no holiday for your lips. practically the moment you step off the plane they’re under attack from the ravages of the sun. it’s time to give your pout some protective clout with the stick it where the sun does shine spf30 stick (£3, 5.5g), new from the renowned self tan brand, tanatomicals and available from

perfect for popping in your handbag or beach bag, its spf30 formulation with beeswax and jojoba oil acts as a shield against the glowing golden globe in the sky, whilst keeping your kissing gear hydrated, soft and ready for action with that billionaire’s playboy son.

simply apply the balm generously and regularly throughout the day. or better still, get the aforementioned billionaire’s playboy son to apply it for you. 

*source – press release*

As always my first thing I must mention with Tanatomicals is their slogans and marketing! I love their strategy. I know this doesn’t mean much in the quality of a product, but it is pure genius.

The lip protector is in a ‘screw’ type casing; so twist to raise the lip balm. The lid is fairly secure and unlikely to come off in your handbag or beach bag. It actually clips into place, something that I prefer as I hate it when lids of lip balms come off in your bag!

The product its self feels different to other sun protection sticks I’ve tried before. Last year I tried one by Nivea which I felt was a little too ‘greasy’ on the lips. It made them feel ‘slick’ and almost like I was wearing too much gloss, it also had an unpleasant taste if you licked your lips. Tanatomicals SPF30 Lip protector feels like a normal lip balm on your lips. You don’t have that ‘greasy’ unpleasant coating. Although I don’t generally go around tasting my lip balms you can guarantee I will lick my lips, this one doesn’t really have a taste so is much better on the lips in my opinion.

Another plus point for those who don’t like strongly scented products is the Lip Protector doesn’t have a fragrance as such. I could not really smell it from the container nor on my lips. I know some people hate fragranced lip products, so this one could definitely be for you if that’s the case.

As protection goes; every day I have worn this product my lips have felt smooth, supple and moisturised. I’ve had no cracked lips at all. My lips have felt really good! However, that’s based on UK weather. So, I asked a friend who was off to warmer climates if she would try it for me there and give me her opinion. Here’s what she had to say…

I wore the lip balm daily and put it on after applying sun cream. The balm went on my lips well and didn’t feel slippery or waxy. It felt just like my normal lip balm I use (Chapstick). For 10 days in Corfu my lips didn’t crack or blister even when I got sun burnt. I would definitely buy this again to protect my lips when away” – Sarah.

So, whether you are in the UK or somewhere nice and hot (Still not jealous!!) this lip protector will keep your lips looking amazing, protected against the sun and feeling moisturised. I will definitely be buying it again, as will my friend Sarah.

You can read more about Tanatomicals products on their Website, Facebook and Twitter.

The TAnatomicals Stick It Where The Sun Does Shine Stick SPF30 Lip Protector can be purchased from ASOS and costs £3 of 5.5g.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx