Review: St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse – Is it as good as the high end products? Plus my top tips for fake tanning!

You all know how I love to fake tan, in fact I’ve been faking it now since I was about 13… Oh la laaa! But I will admit since I was in my twenties and upwards I’ve always used well known brands, the ones that tend to cost more and I’d consider more High End products. Yes I have tried some you can pick up in Boots (L’Oreal, Boots own, Superdrug Own etc) but have always found them pretty poor to be honest and avoided them like the plague after.

Still last year I kept hearing on Twitter and from many a beauty guru and blogger about the amazingly cheap St Moriz and how it compares to many a high end fake tan. In the beauty community there isn’t many bloggers who haven’t heard of it and I think I am one of the few who hasn’t tried it. So, I finally managed to find some on Amazon the other day and decided to share with you my thoughts on it and whether I believe its as good as the high end ones on the market.

The packaging of St Moriz mousse is pretty basic. Its clean cut and has a clear simple logo which can be easily picked out from other products (Something more companies should take notice of). The only down side to white packaging is that with fake tans then have a tendency to get really dirty quick and if you are like me you always end up cleaning them after each use to try and keep them that way (Lauren’s Way is exactly the same!). The tan has a plastic bottle with a plastic lid but feels quite sturdy.ย The dispenser is a pump action one which dispenses a good sized amount with each pump, however you can easily achieve half a pump for areas you don’t need so much.

The foam its self is a gorgeous chocolatey red brown colour which gives you an instant brown glow. It really is very nice and better than some of the olive based tans out there which can make you look a little green. It also means that its easy to see where you have or haven’t applied the tan and so application is even too.

I did find the mousse felt a little ‘wet’ on the skin, meaning it felt tacky still after 15 minutes when I got dressed. However I didn’t get any transference onto my clothes and the small amount I got on a towel washed out so it didn’t seem to stain.

Application was much like other tanning mousses I have used. It was easily distributed over my body. I used my faithful tanning mitt which I won’t tan without! It means no more orange hands and the tan has a better even application too. You can pick tanning mitts up very cheaply these days – I believe even some poundshops sell them! They are a worth while investment and if you wash them after use last a while too!

The smell of the mousse was a little odd. Not like that usual fake tan smell you get with many lotions but also not a fresh scented one either. It’s not unpleasant and if I smell my arm where I have applied the tan it almost smells like it has talc on it.

The mousse blended in well on my arms and wasn’t streaky

Here is a pic of my face and body afterI have just applied St Moriz, its definitely passable for going out. However I will say my tan does actually look darker than in this pic as the light from the window is washing it out slightly! (Ok maybe a lot!)

This tan states on the bottle that it is best applied in the morning and left 4-6 hours before showering. So to show you how wearable the tan is out, here is a couple of pictures of me wearing the tan. Please note I have no make up on. It doesn’t look terrible but I do look rather bronzed. However, definitely wearable for a quick trip to the shops and if you do see a friend they will likely think you have been on holiday!

The St Moriz I picked up is in medium, as a whole I generally buy dark tans but this was all that was available when I put my order through. Still even now you can tell I have applied the tan and I got a good even colour result. You can always reapply after a showering and moisturising if you prefer a darker tan. St Moriz recommend reapplying 5 to 7 days after for a medium tan and 3-5 days after for a dark tan.

Here’s are my Holy Grail tips that have saved me from streaky tans!

  • Always exfoliant before applying a self tan and make sure the exfoliant does not contain any oils! If you don’t have an exfoliant a bath scrunchie with some body wash (Non oily one) will still do a fairly good job if you are thorough.
  • DO moisturise dry areas of skin as these areas like to absorb tan better than others and this is where uneven application often comes in! Knees, elbows, wrists/hands, feet/ankles are all areas I apply a little moisturiser. I leave it on for a few minutes before apply the tan so it absorbs into the skin.
  • If you do use the same fake tan on your face as your body (Some are pretty harsh but we don’t all always have money to buy separate ones), make sure you moisturise your face well before application and once you have applied your tan get a cotton bud/q-tip and just ‘dust’ lightly with it around your nose (Nostrils) and over your eyebrows. These are 2 places tan likes to be heavier and it will stand out like a sore thumb!
  • If you want a tan that people are going to struggle telling if its real, MAKE SURE to tan your ears! Yes I said that, ear tanning is important. Just go over them lightly with the mitt.
  • Remember to exfoliate your tan about 3 days after tanning and moisturise your tan after every bath/shower.
  • If you are tanning your legs, make sure to shave first! You are only going to shave off some of the tan otherwise.

St Moriz tan lasted as well as many other high end tans I own and faded gracefully. I did get a couple of ‘patchy’ areas near my inner elbow area after 4 days but I’ll be honest and say I have had this with St Tropez before! The colour result was good too. I preferred this to the olive tan I usually get with St Tropez and would liken it to Sienna-X Xtremely Natural Self Tan in colour results.

This is only my third mousse tan I have tried so in comparison to Lauren’s Way I found the colour result slightly darker but this was marginal. I also found it was less golden than Lauren’s Way. Lauren’s Way does smell better though than St Moriz!

This tan in my opinion would be better for people who have a paler complexion (Fair skinned, rosy cheeks). But if you are like me and tan well this is still a great tan. I would purchase it again quite happily especially at under ยฃ4 which is what I paid with shipping from Amazon. I am pretty sure that you can pick it up from discount shops like Poundlands or Saver but I’ve never seen it in my ones for cheaper.

To conclude; St Moriz does perform as well as many high end tans. The colour result is good, it lasts well and is even if applied correctly – I am impressed!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx