As promised after my Sun Kissed brown post here is my review on the Smart Beauty Smart Blonde in Honey Blonde (For those who haven’t seen the corresponding post its here).

Until recently I had never even heard of Smart Beauty’s hair colour range. I think its often because you stick to what you know. I know what colour brands work on my hair after using so many over the years, I think it can take guts to change brands but often in doing so you can find something thats better.

Smart Blonde is a hair colorant/bleach which can lift your hair up to 7 shades lighter. That in its self is a pretty high claim, now add to that it can even do it if you have colour treated hair and you are trying to lighten hair that is tinted (Lets say for example like mine) dark brown. It is pretty potent stuff as colours go but does achieve good results in lightening hair which has never been coloured before and also hair that has.

Here is some information straight from Smart Beauty’s Website about Smart Blonde… *source*

Blondes will have more fun with Smart Blonde! A collection of four sophisticated high-lift hair lighteners & conditioning toners which are 100% ammonia and PPD free.  Perfect for all-over or partial permanent blonding. These products are suitable for use on coloured or natural hair.


The kit come with everything you will need to lighten your hair except a bowl (I guess we can’t ask for everything!) but I just used a spare cereal bowl I had in the kitchen and I found this was more than adequate. It includes;

Instructions leaflet

Protective gloves

Application/Tint brush

25ml blonde toner

(2 Sachets) 30g blonde powder

(2 Sachets) 90ml cream developer

The instructions are really good and very thorough. It says (I CANNOT stress this enough!!!) YOU MUST DO A SENSITIVITY TEST 48 HOURS BEFORE!! It also recommends (And I would advise this too) to do a strand test. There are a couple of suggestions on how you can lighten your hair too (Cap method for high lights, foils etc). I was doing an ombre style so did not do either of these methods.

I had a slight reaction to this product which I would describe as similar too bleach burns (Something you get when using bleach powder and cream developer usually for me of 9% or higher). It wasn’t overly uncomfortable but slighter sore for a few minutes and also a bit itchy. This did fade after 10 minutes and once the skin had been wiped clean with fresh water and a flannel. This is why I would highly recommend doing a sensitivity test!

I used this product on my both my own hair (Which currently has a semi permanent colour on it – it had been Colour B4 too a twice over 2 days before. Full details are on my post here) and also on my dark brown extensions. There was ample product to ombre my 20″ extensions and also the ends of my own hair and layers around my face. I did use all the product but there was more than enough to go around. If however I was doing this on all my hair I would have bought 2 packets. For hair that is below shoulder length and medium to thick I would always recommend buying 2 packets. Best to do it in one go than run out of mixture.

Ample product in my cereal bowl and easily mixed to a nice thick consistancy

It was really easy to apply but then I am used to doing this kind of thing to my hair and it wasn’t the first time. I also found that my hair lifted up really quickly even on the porous areas, my hair has always loved lifting products though so there was no surprise there. The surprise for me came with the extensions which I lifted around 3-4 shades. From a very dark brown (Around a base shade 4) to a Dark Blonde (Base shade 7).

My own hair went a little brassy which is nearly always the case, however the extensions are a beautiful golden ‘bronde’ (The very in trend not blonde not brown but beautiful butterscotch coloured)! I bought the golden blonde as the ash blonde wasn’t available in my Superdrug, for those who are colouring their hair from ANY shade brown upwards (Especially the darker colours) I would probably recommend getting the Ash Blonde so you can remove some of the brassiness with the toner that comes with the colour.

I applied the toner after rinsing my extensions (I didn’t use this in my own hair) and as it seemed to be much like a conditioner in consistency. I didn’t apply any additional conditioner too my extensions (My own hair I used some of my normal conditioner I had at hand and left it in a couple of minutes then rinsed). The results were soft and glossy extensions which felt no worse than if I had applied a normal tint to them! I was amazed, especially after the ‘what happens when you bleach your extensions post’. My hair didn’t feel any dryer either which after what I’d put it through that weekend was a miracle!

I only left the bleach on my extensions about 40 minutes but in honesty you can leave it longer than that and over an hour. To achieve that kind of lift on extensions which for some reason aren’t the easiest to lift (In my opinion) was pretty impressive.

Since then I have had many a compliment on my ombre hair and extensions. My hair isn’t fully finished yet and is actually going to have a second dose of Smart Blonde on it – this time in a Ash blonde. I will also be going over the extensions again to lighten them maybe 2 shades more.

I was thoroughly pleased with the results and would definitely use Smart Blonde again. The product is £4.99 in Superdrug or can be bought online through Smart Beauty Shop.

Now I know I am going to get comments and emails about this product so I’d like to make a few things clear now about this product and ANY other colorants whether they are permanent or not;

I am a qualified hair dresser, I do have some idea of what I am doing and I also do everything with these products at my OWN risk!

My tutorials on what I do are strictly demonstration of how I achieved what I did and I CANNOT take responsibility if you chose to copy my actions.

If you are not qualified to do hair then can I recommend you seek a professional and get them to do it for you.

Just because you have asked a professionals advice does not mean they can be 100% accurate unless they have seen your  hair and/or tested it against the product they are using – so don’t think getting free advice will generally mean everything will turn out ok.

I may sound like a nag I know but I am saying this for your own benefit and won’t accept blame for others actions. If you follow instruction carefully, do stand tests and sensitivity tests rather than jumping in with both feet it can turn a possibly ‘hair-tastrophy’ into a crowing glory.

That concludes my nagging and also my review of Smart Beauty’s Smart Blonde.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx