Review: Sleek PPQ Me, Myself and Eye Palette Limited Edition

On Friday I got a rather exciting email from Sleek about a collaboration palette they had made with PPQ for London Fashion Week. What was even better was this palette was going to be a Limited Edition! Say the words… Limited Edition. Doesn’t it just make you feel special!

The Sleek/PPQ Me, Myself and Eye palette is only available direct from Sleek online (So cannot be purchased from Superdrug like the other palettes).

I ordered my palette Friday and it arrived this morning! I wanted to film it as a YouTube and part of my haul post (Which I probably still will) but after looking at the colours and swatching them I just had to show you it straight away – this will be the first review post on a Sleek palette where I’m not doing an EOTD with it. With my cold I look a bit puffy and bleugh, I will do one, just not now.

The box packaging for the Me, Myself and Eye palette could not be more classy. Bright vivid red with a black and white print. I really love the packaging as it means it will stand out from my other Sleek palettes.

Inside the box we have the classic black Sleek palette casing, this one has PPQ Me, Myself and Eye on it in beige. As with all palettes it contains 12 mineralised eye shadows and a double ended sponge applicator.

Inside the palette I was pleased to see we have names for the shadows and loved the play on words with Songs and Artists/Bands.

Immediately the colours before swatching that stood out to me where Salt ‘n’ Peppermint, Simply Red, Primal Green and Chris De Burgundy.

Colours Top Row Left to Right; 1- Barry White, 2- Black Box, 3- Salt ‘n’ Peppermint, 4- Simply Red, 5- Pink Beret and 6- Primal Green.

Colours Bottom Row Left to Right; 7 Fade To Grey, 8- Blue Monday, 9- Supernova, 10- Chris De Burgundy, 11- Lilac Allen and 12- Golden Silvers.

After swatching if I had to pick two favourites it would be Primal Green (A gorgeous green toned sparkly gold) and Chris De Burgundy (A deep matt plumish purple).

As with all Sleek palettes the colours are bold, pigmented and easily blended. I would imagine that this palette would still have ‘staying’ power for me when used too. I always find Sleek are very good when it comes to using their products and love making looks with them.

This palette is designed with the Spring Summer 2012 colours in mind – its bright, vibrant and screams, ‘LOOK AT ME!!’ I’m not sure that it will be the most wearable day palette but that wasn’t what I was expecting when I bought it. I however, can see me using this palette with others and making my own looks. The sheer range of colours in this palette means there will probably be something for everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing looks others create who have serious talent, especially my favourite Liloo.

This palette can only be bought directly from Sleek Makeup Online and costs £6.59.

What do you think of the Sleek PPQ collaboration palette? Is Me, Myself and Eye making it into your collection?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx