As of tomorrow my blog is officially 1 year old and in that time I’ve wrote many reviews. All kind of things from body products, make up and hair care – although if I’m ever to pick something I love reviewing the most it would probably be eyeshadow palettes as one of my top choices. It may surprise you to know I don’t wear eye shadow on a daily basis, but when I do I like to have fun with it.

Sleek Makeup Eyeshadow palettes are definitely one of my favourites when it comes to pigmented colours for people on a  budget. I find with a primer they last as well as many of my high end palettes and are always coming out with new palettes with fresh ideas.  I’m a little late reviewing this new palette as its been out a little while now, but my Superdrug has only just started to stock it. Here is my thoughts on the i-divine Ultra Mattes V2 Dark palette including swatches.

I’ve always found the packaging for Sleek palettes quite sturdy. I’ve dropped mine lots of times and never cracked a pan yet ,so I like to think they are made well. I love that each new palette has a gorgeous designed box. This one is no exception, I was drawn to it before even seeing the eyeshadows inside.

Inside the box we have the usual black casing although Sleek have altered the design slightly with the logo on the box (I know this doesn’t make a difference when it comes to how an eyeshadow fairs but I’m all about the details).

Inside the box we have the (useless – I’m sorry but I just bin these) double ended sponge applicator and 12 gorgeous matt shadows of shadow. As with many of the new palettes from Sleek and the limited editions this one comes complete with names of the shadows – very handy when doing tutorials I’ve found.

The shadow names (incase the image isn’t clear) are as follows;

(Left to right top row) Orbit(1), Ink(2), Highness(3), Noir(4), Dune(5) and Pillow Talk(6).

(Left to right bottom row) Thunder(7), Maple(8), Flesh(9), Paper Bag(10), Villan(11) and Fern(12).

As all the colours are matt I immediately fell in love with the complete palette. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found I tend to use more matt shadows and maybe one 1 frosted when I do a look. My favourites in this palette are Orbit (Emerald Green), Dune (Sand),Maple (Damson Red) and Paper Bag (Rich Brown).

I’ve swatched the colours so you can see their true colours on applications….

As with all eye shadows I found you can really build up the intensity of the colours, this is especially so with Sleek palettes. The more you later the more intense the colour burst on your lids.

Another great tip with these shadows which I don’t think I’ve mentioned before is using a damp fine brush (I have a smudge liner brush which works great with this) and applying the colour to your lash lines for intense eyeliner. It lasts really well too and I tend to do this daily on my lower lashes rather than using a kohl pencil.

This is the first time I’ve not done an Eye Of The Day look along with my review, there is a reason. I started playing with this palette and found that I couldn’t come up with just one look, there was so many different colour combinations I could use I went a bit AWOL! So, over the next week I thought I would separately share these eye of the day looks as separate posts, but will of course link back to this post so people can see a full palette review.

I was not disappointed in any way by this palette. For me, someone who loves matt shadows I am in complete heaven. If you need a little bit of shimmer of variety combining this palette with other Sleek editions will make some amazing looks! I’ve already teams it with the Au Natural palette (review here) and the Sunset palette (review here).

Sleek Makeup products are of an amazing quality and when you look at the prices of their products you can’t complain at all. The palettes retail at £6.49 which for 12 eye shadows that work very well and look fantastic you can’t complain! I will buy the light V1 palette of matts too and review that shortly but for now I’m going to have some fun with this one!

If you would like more information about Sleek Makeup and their products, head to your nearest Superdrug which may stock the range, if not check out their website, Sleek Makeup here.

If you would like to see other reviews and eye of the day looks using my Sleek palette collection (Which is pretty immense now), please click here

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx