Review: Sienna X eXtremely natural self tan

I should have wrote this review ages ago but for some reason kept forgetting to take the shots when I applied it or the results shots – yes I’m rubbish like that when its a review that I don’t actually have to do! Finally here I am though with the review of Sienna X eXtremely Natural Self Tan.

I purchased this some time ago direct from Sienna X and think it was £21.99. The bottle is 200ml and has a pump action on the top. You can also open/close it with the nozzle so no lids to mess about with – something I hate with self tans!

The colour base of Sienna X which many have asked me about is brown, I would say it is more of a red brown opposed to a olive brown which many fake tans can give you. It’s one of the things I like about Sienna X the colour result (For me personally as it’s how I tan naturally) is very ‘real’. Friends ask if I’ve been out in the sun when I’ve applied it. Naturally I tan quite well but go a reddish dark brown – my mum however is olive skinned and looks like she’s been to the med at times!

Application like many self tans is quite easy, as the self tan is coloured you can see exactly where you have already applied it. Meaning you don’t go over areas you don’t need too. It’s relatively quick and you just pop it on your mitt, glove, hand (If you want stained hands) or whatever you are using and rub into your skin in a circular motion. Wait a few minutes and its dry and you can go on about your day or night. This tan does wash out of clothes and bed linen I have found if you do get it on there and is also a tan you can apply and go out in – it absorbs well and leaves you with a beautiful glow. The tan takes about 8 hours to develop (I put mine on at night and go to bed) and then you can shower it off (No soap needed) and pat yourself dry. Voila you have a beautiful, even, streak free tan which lasts well.

Before Application

With Sienna X eXtremely natural self tan 0n my arm

Sienna-X eXtremely Natural Self Tan – Morning After Showering

I find Sienna X lasts really well, I usually exfoliate again on day 3 and 5 and then come day 7 it’s time to exfoliate and re-apply. I’d like to point out I always exfoliate before applying self tan to get an even application and good skin base for the tan to take effect. There’s only 2 things I don’t like about eXtremely Natural Self Tan by Sienna X – firstly the smell! Granted too some it does smell nice, my children and Mark both think so too, but the overpowering smell of Vanilla is a little too much for me. It’s so strong and makes me feel a bit ‘heady’. The other thing I don’t like about it is I need a good 2 applications (1 the first night and then another the following day) to get the colour I like, it’s not dark enough for me personally. You will see a noticeable difference with this tan but I like my fake tan dark.

Over all its a good self tan which does what it says and can also help with the cellulite as it has an anti-cellulite formula (If you believe that you can get rid of cellulite with a cream) and is an average price in the fake tanning market. It is my second favourite tan even though it gives me more of a natural looking tan (For me due to my skin tones), I still find myself going back to Xen-Tan repeatedly. If Sienna X were to bring out a darker range I would happily try that and see if it could become my number 1!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx