Review: Sexy Lashes with 17 Peep Show Mascara (Free Gift with Mascara at Boots)

While browsing the isles of Boots yesterday I happened to walked past the 17 range looking for a new nail varnish and noticed there was a new and exclusive mascara there. It would have been wrong not to buy it when it was on special and also with a free gift too! You know my love of mascaras (One day I might actually count how many I own) and the thing that really interested me with the Peep Show mascara from 17 it the ‘lash fibres’ within it.

After ModelCo Fibre Lash was released a few brands had taken suit. I haven’t tried Fibre Lash still and I’m on the fence about it. With 17’s release of Peep Show with a very affordable price I was curious to see just what effects you would get and how good it would be.

Some information direct from the horses mouth (Or Boots website)…

Where’d ya get those peepers? Flash your lashes with our fibre-rich formulation which lengthens lashes from root to tip. 17 Peep Show Mascara gives you voluptuous volume and no clumps…just a full, flirty flutter.

Perk up your peepers with 17 Peep Show Mascara!! Enriched with fibres, the latest innovation in mascara technology. The fibres cling to lashes, volumising and lengthening from root to tip.

The result? The closest thing to false lashes in a bottle!


At present the Peep Show mascara is on offer with £1 off (Currently £5.29, usually £6.29) and you also get the free eyeshadow quad too for smokey eyes. The quad comes with a little mirror too so nice and handy for your makeup bag.

1,2 and 3 have a shimmer too them. 1 being the strongest and a high light. 4 is more of a matt shade although I did notice a mild shimmer too that if looking closely at the palette.

I really loved the pink and black packaging it is kind of saucy and classy all in one! Easy to stand out in a make up bag too. The tube is long and firm so won’t get squished like some mascaras and feels quite solid.

Inside we have a nice thick mascara formula which isn’t clumpy. As you can see the brush is a good size. Not massive like Bad Girl from Benefit but not a small plastic brush either. The bristles are a good shape and don’t feel sharp. For me I found this the perfect size brush. The formula doesn’t have a strong smell like some of the other 17 mascaras I’ve tried. Its one problem I’ve had with them to be honest as they irritate my eyes. But this one is fine, in fact I couldn’t really smell a thing. Another thing I noticed with the formula is you can’t see the actual fibres. The formula its self is just black and thick and seems to come out evenly when you put the brush into the tube.

The proof of any mascara for me is in the testing so I’ve taken numerous shots for you too compare and see how well it fares.

My eyes with no mascara at all. Just natural (Excuse awful skin at present and bad brows!!)

I applied 1 coat of 17 Peep Show mascara too my left eye only to show the effect against the right eye. You can clearly see I have got more length and there’s volume at the roots without it looking clumpy. This is a nice effect I thought. The application was easy and non-messy without getting mascara everywhere. Please note I rarely apply mascara too my lower lashes and haven’t for any of these photos.

2 coats of 17 Peep Show Mascara on left eye against 1 coat of mascara on right eye.

Slightly more dramatic. I liked how this mascara easily built up on my lashes without being clumpy and looking like spider legs. I also loved the effect. Still a very wearable day look.

2 Coats on both eyes of 17 Peep Show Mascara (Different Angle Shots)

Over all I am super impressed with this mascara. I loved building this up on my lashes and felt with 2 coats I had full long thick lashes which looked good. I didn’t need to comb through my lashes at all like with some voluming formulas and felt the lash fibres did exactly what they said they would.

The mascara lasted me through the day without flaking or giving me that panda eye look. After 7 hours I did notice a little smudging but that was more due to me rubbing my tired eyes I felt. I also didn’t have any sensitivity too 17 Peep Show Mascara. For people who want a good lash building formula who want to achieve long lashes with volume this mascara is for you. I really think it rivals my other favourite lash fibre mascara L’Oreal Lash Architect 4D (Review Here) and at a more reasonable price too!

17 Peep Show Mascara in Black at Boots for £5.29 at present.

Will you be trying the Peep Show mascara from 17?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx