Summer may be almost over but people are still booking their holidays and jetting off for some Winter sun. We pack our sun lotions and clothes but do we really think about protecting our hair from the harmful rays and heat?

Schwarzkopf Professional have launched a new range to protect your hair from the sun and leave it looking beautiful – BC Bonacure Sun Protect. The 3 products in the range combine anti-oxidents vitamin E and amino cell rebuild technology to repair the hair, replenish and safeguard your hair from the harmful UV rays, salt water and chlorine. Plus they give your hair a super shine and leave it amazingly soft!

I have 2 of the products from new BC Bonacure range which I’ve been using and have to say love; BC Bonacure Sun Protect Shampoo and BC Bonacure Sun Protect Spray (The third product in the range is BC Bonacure Sun Protect After-Sun Treatment).

The shampoo is amazing in so many ways but the first one that I must mention is when I use it my hair feels like I have had a deep penetrating conditioning mask on it – that is after just using the shampoo and no other products! I have never used a product like it that makes your hair that soft with a shampoo alone. Sun Protect Shampoo is a hair and body shampoo and is mildly fragranced with a gorgeous sweet smell. I can’t really describe it other than ‘edible’ but it smells amazing! It does lightly fragrance you hair but not in an overpowering way. It is designed for Sun stressed hair and will leave your hair, soft, silky, manageable and super shiny and sparkly – in other words looking amazingly healthy! Now I do have highlights in my hair and although I colour over them there is still a small amount of damage there, however this shampoo cleans and conditions my hair so well you would think my hair is in perfect condition! Like all shampoos your just wet your hair, lather and repeat if you wish.

BC Bonacure Sun Protect Shampoo costs around £9.30 for 250ml. It is a professional product; so if you want to purchase some you can go to Schwarzkopf Professional and they have a salon finder there.

BC Bonacure Sun Protect Spray is a 2 part spray conditioner for your hair that conditions and detangles your hair but also helps protect against harmful UV rays and also minimises damage from the environment. After using theBC Bonacure Sun Protect Shampoo I couldn’t wait to try Sun Protect Spray Conditioner but I have to say it is absolutely amazing too! It smells the same as the shampoo which is gorgeous and sweet, removes any tangles in my hair and also protects it too. I’ve never been a massive fan of Spray Conditioners but I have to say this product has changed my mind. My hair is glossy, shiny, smooth and conditioned after using the Spray. Before using the spray you must first shake the bottle well to mix the 2 part mixture. Spray through towel dried hair after shampooing and comb and style.

BC Bonacure Sun Protect Spray Conditioner is £10.45 for 200ml (I think it would last you ages!). It is also from the professional product; so if you want to purchase some you can go to Schwarzkopf Professional and they have a salon finder there.


My hair after using Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure SunProtect Shampoo and Sun Protect Spray Conditioner

I am so glad I was given the change to review these 2 products from Schwarzkopf professional and was sent them as they are really good and not something I would normally choose. I feel these are an essential for anyone going anywhere in the Sun to keep their locks in tip top condition!

Have you tried any of the Schwarzkopf Professional Range? Is BC Bonacure Sun Protect in your bathroom?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx