Review: Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

I have enough foundations too last me a good 18 months but again I have bought another one. There’s been a fair amount of hype about Revlon PhotoReady and picked it up on more than one occasion too put it down again – this time I took the plunge and made the purchase.

Revlon is a brand that has been around for years and I guess even though time moves on I will always think of Cindy Crawford as their girl! How I envied Cindy as I grew up – the woman was just too beautiful even with her famous mole!

I have never tried many Revlon foundations I’ll admit but kept hearing good things about their PhotoReady which meant I had too try it too; so here’s my review and what I think.

Like many foundations these days Revlon PhotoReady is in a pump dispensing bottle. The foundation part of the bottle is clear so you can see how much you have used and its easy to know when its time to replace it. The packaging is pretty basic but I think with foundations I’d rather be ‘wowed’ with the product than the packaging!

On the packaging Revlon state, ‘Perfectly airbrushed skin in any light. Complete coverage. Oil Free and Fragrance Free’

I chose my Revlon PhotoReady in Cool Beige (Shade 007 I feel like James Bond now) which I thought would be a little dark for me but was actually quite spot on. When I was swatching their shades in the shop I found many were ‘orange’ based and I hate that look. I need a foundation with cool neutral tones, Cool Beige fitted the bill but there wasn’t many lighter shades (I could see) that did. I feel (I may be wrong but I’m going by the selection there was in Boots at the Revlon stand) that this range may be suited more to someone with ‘warmer tones’.

The foundation is a little runny, not massively so but is by no means thick! I like my foundation like this as I find when its too thick I have trouble blending it. I could hardly smell PhotoReady at all, whether applied or from the bottle which I also liked. I hate strong smelling foundations! So it lives up too its fragrance free claims. It also contains an SPF 20 which is good but I was always under the impression SPF and cameras were what reflected the light on your skin giving you that shiny, nasty photo look (Please correct me if I’m wrong there)?

When blended into skin I found it was smooth and glided on really evenly. Whether I applied it with a brush or my fingers (I’ll go into that in a moment) the coverage was even and looked great. It did not feel oily nor did it leave my skin dewy looking and shiny. My face felt quite matt which I prefer for the fall season.

I found if I was using a primer it was better to apply the foundation with a brush but if I wasn’t using a primer it was better with my fingers or a sponge. I have no idea why this is but it felt nicer on the skin and the coverage still looked exactly the same.

I found after about 4 hours I needed to re-powder my ‘T ZONE’ as I was looking a little shiny but once I did my foundation looked flawless (To a degree) again.

Now come the hard part, I don’t ‘think’ I’ve had any reaction too Revlon PhotoReady Foundation. The problem is when it comes too ‘the time of the month’ I always get a few spots and my skin can be a little bumpy. I have found while using this foundation this hasn’t made my complexion worse so I would guess that is hormones and the foundation is good on sensitive skin (Or mine anyway). However if I do fine that the bumps aren’t going as my hormones settle in a few days then I can say it probably is the foundation.

Photo take (Passport style I look scary!) with my SLR Nikon D50. Please note the flash was used and you can see across my brow where the light has reflected slightly. This is nowhere near as much as normal but there is still some reflection there.

Taken in natural light, this time with my iPhone 4 and a serious amount of spots that won’t cover for anything. The light ‘reflection’ is minimal, the skin does look flawless in places.

So with all that on board did I like Revlon PhotoReady foundation?

In honesty I did, but (Yes there’s a but) I was expecting more. There was some light reflecting off my skin, so I wouldn’t say it was the best foundation for photos but in the same breath it fares better than most of my others (Which aren’t designed for this purpose). I would have to ask the question should I have applied more powder to set the foundation?

I like the finish, the coverage is good and my skin does look flawless (Where the spots aren’t LOL) but I would have liked the foundation too be a little heavier. I personally would say this is a medium foundation (Light medium but more medium if that makes sense) and applied correctly looks good. Maybe its my concealer? I’m not sure. I have used Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer now for months and swear by it, but with Revlon PhotoReady they two didn’t mesh well and the blemishes were still visible. Don’t get me wrong generally I have good skin and if it wasn’t my time of the month I wouldn’t even be saying this as I’d never know but I feel either you need to use a different concealer with it, or maybe a heavier powder? Either way if you have any suggestions I’d really like to hear them.

The product usually retails for £12.99, I bought this in Boots and it cost me £9.99 as they were running a money off offer on it. I do feel it is worth the money and it is a good foundation however when I do have blemishes I feel I need a different concealer or maybe not too use this foundation.

Have you tried Revlon PhotoReady?

What did you think?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx