While moving bedrooms last weekend and having a manic time sorting through all my stuff (And there is A LOT of stuff – I’m a bit of a ‘hoarder’) I came across my Rebel Nail Wraps I got in my August Glossy Box. I’ve never had much luck with nail wraps I’ll be honest and say. I don’t think I have unusual shaped nails and although my ‘little nails’ may be slightly narrow the others are all pretty much average.

So I decided to try my pink glittery sparkly Rebel Nail Wraps out and review them for you in the process. Glitter isn’t something I’m a massive fan of but for a review I can stomach it and after all if the nail wraps were good I can purchase them in a different finish next time.

Rebel Nails come in so many designs that I think there would be one to suit everyones taste. From looking at their website I think I could go as far to say that they may have over 100 different designs for your nails and they don’t just cater to your fingers either, no they have wraps for toes too. Nail wraps became quite big last year (2011) and meant for many that they could have perfect nails that didn’t chip or smudge and would last too.

Application in ‘theory’ is relatively easy. I’m not going to go into how you apply the Rebel Nails Nail Wraps but if you are interested on the Rebel Nails site there is a full instructional video which tells you exactly how to do it in easy steps.

I was fine with application, in fact they all looked good – bar my thumb and middle fingers. I always seem to get ridges on these nails on the ends no matter what I do. This makes the nails feel very sharp and scratchy. I tried re applying heat like suggested but still didn’t solve the problem. From my images you can’t really tell there has been any problems and they look pretty good. Unfortunately due to them being so scratchy I didn’t leave them on long as I kept catching the bumpy ridges on things.

Removal of the nails is very simple. They literally do peel off. I did find on a couple of fingers I was left with some sticky residue but this was easily removed with a little nail polish remover on some cotton wool.

Over all I found the process easy to do, I just wish I knew why I had problems with the same 2 fingers each time. I have watched so many videos on how to do nail wraps and on others I can apply them easily too, just not on my self on my thumbs and middle fingers. With so many designs too chose from and for many they can last a good few days, nail wraps (When applied correctly) can be a perfect option for special occasions so you know you won’t have chipped varnish and your nails will stay looking amazing. I also can’t help but think due to the nature of the wraps they may strength the natural nail to a degree as they are slightly thicker than a coat of varnish – so maybe they will help with brittle nails? I can’t honestly answer that one for sure though its just a thought.

So would I use Rebel Nail wraps again?

Its a tough one, the 6 nails that looked great and were correctly applied would make me say yes without a doubt! But and I’m afraid there is a but; with the problems I kept having on the same 4 nails that would mean I couldn’t have a complete set of nails looking great and would look silly if I walked around with 6 great nails and 4 not so great sharp scratchy ones.

Maybe this is something that comes with practice and time, although at £7.99 a go this could work out to be an expensive ‘practice’ session. I also think I change my nail polish too frequently to truly benefit from nail wraps although I do still think for many they are a great idea, just not for me.

I’m sorry this is such a mixed review; its namely because I think the theory of nail wraps is a very good idea, but due to the problems I have with them (This hasn’t just been with Rebel Nails, I’ve also had it with other brands) it isn’t a product that is right for me. This doesn’t mean I don’t recommend them to others, it just means I had issues with them and others may too.

What’s your views on nail wraps? Have you tried Rebel Nails? What did you think?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx