Multi-purpose products are a must I feel and can save you money, today I’d like to share with you a multi-purpose product that I feel everyone should have in their cupboards, Philosophy 27 Wishes.

Philosophy 27 Wishes

Here is a little information about Philosophy 27 Wishes….

27 wishes multi-purpose skin nurturing balm moisturizes, soothes, softens and helps protect to solve multiple skin concerns. 

features & benefits

  • intensely moisturizes severly dry skin such as dry elbows, cracked heels and rough cuticles
  • calms irritated skin such as insect bites, post-waxing and sun burn
  • formulated to be good for skin to be used on face and body


What first drew me to Philosophy 27 Wishes was the amount of things you could use it for. I have extremely sensitive skin which is eczema and psoriasis prone (Especially if I’m stressed and run down). It took me years to find products I could apply to those areas without causing irritation, but also meant spending a lot of money on individual products for various areas of the body. That’s where my love of 27 Wishes has blossomed.

Philosophy 27 Wishes

Philosophy 27 Wishes is a 27 in 1 multi-tasking product and can address a lot of different problems. I have used it on my eczema areas on my face (Under my eye) and arms (Elbows) and found it has definitely improved the skin there where it is so dry. I also started to use it on my heels where the skin is really cracked (This usually get sore in the summer and can look a little unsightly in sandals) and noticed the hard skin there has softened and looks better after just a weeks use. Its also really good on insect bites and can stop them feeling so itchy and sore.

Another thing I liked about the product was that it could be applied to wet or dry skin! On dry skin it works amazingly well on areas where the skin is dry and flakey. But if you apply it to those areas wet it seems to seep in more and helps with ‘chaffing’.

Philosophy 27 Wishes

Another thing I’ve found recently was how its good for correcting eyeliner mishaps! I did a cat eye with my liner which was a bit ‘OTT’ shall we say. A little bit of this on a cotton bud/q-tip and the liner came off neatly without me removing makeup else where. It is really gentle on the eye area.

The last thing I would like to say you can use this for may surprise you a little, but I have even used it on my hair! Yes I know, it does sound rather surprising. A tiny amount (Literally smaller than a pea) rubbed between your palms to warm it and lightly worked over the top of your hair and ends can smooth away fly away hairs, it makes your hair very shiny and also if your hair is dry and damaged look a little better in condition too!

Philosophy 27 Wishes

Philosophy 27 Wishes – The Balm on the Skin

Over all, I have found so many pro points for Philosophy 27 Wishes that I’m just not sure where to start with saying how great of a product it is! You really don’t need to use very much as its thick so a little goes a very long way. It has a light subtle natural fragrance which is fresh on the skin and by no means overpowering, I can only place this down to the natural oils in the product.

Philosophy 27 Wishes comes in a 30ml (1fl.oz) tube which doesn’t sound very much product, but will last a really long time. For some the £15.50 price tag may seem a little much, but with this one product you could really do away with many others, so I feel its a very worth while investment!

You can purchase Philosophy 27 Wishes from QVC online for £15.50, once my tube has ran out I will definitely be investing in more as its worked wonders on both myself and my children!

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Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

*Disclaimer – This product was sent to me for review purposes