Review: Optifit Bra and How To Measure Yourself For One

I have reviewed many products on my blog but don’t think I’ve ever reviewed something like the Optifit Bra. Here are my thoughts on the Optifit bra, who I think it will help and how to measure yourself.

Optifit Bra Peaches and CreamThis blog review will differ to many I have wrote before, namely as Optifit has been a real eye opener for me as a product. Here is a video from Sue the Co Founder and Inventor of Optifit…


When I first heard of Optifit I was intrigued and curious about the bras design. Unlike many bras on the market it really is made for you. Every measurement taken, is done for a reason and to optimise the bra for your comfort. I wear a 38D bra normally, if I go to a shop I will immediately select that size. But lets be honest, how many times have you done that and its too big, too tight or the reverse? Yet you always wear the same size. That’s because the measurement system used for bras is the same as used from World War 1? I know, shocking right!


I could try and describe to you how to measure yourself for an Optifit Bra, but in honesty its not the conventional way you normally would measure, so I am including the video I used to help me measure myself. You also DO NOT use a standard tape measure, you use the special Optimeasure.


I watched the video twice before measuring and then each time I measured too. I actually measured myself 3 times before sending my measurements off. It is EXTREMELY important to measure yourself correctly for this bra. It may feel like a bit of a faff, but it is made to fit you, no one else so this process is extremely important.

If you have any problems measuring yourself or at all confused, speak to Optifit. They are extremely helpful and so friendly. I originally gave my measurements in incorrectly and they automatically asked me if I was sure they were right – all down to a typo! They are there to help and get you the best fit possible.

Optifit Bra in Peaches and Cream
Optifit Bra in Peaches and Cream

The bra I chose is the Peached and Cream bra. I am not going to show you a picture of me wearing it, that’s a little personal. However, I have taken a picture of me wearing a standard bra and the Optifit bra to show you the difference it gives you in shape.

Wearing Optifit Bra - Front View
Wearing Optifit Bra – Front View
Wearing Standard Bra - Front View
Wearing Standard Bra – Front View
Wearing Optifit Bra - Side View
Wearing Optifit Bra – Side View
Wearing Standard Bra - Side View
Wearing Standard Bra – Side View

Unlike any bra I’ve ever heard off, there is also a 12 step fitting guide to actually putting your bra on. This is for optimal comfort and fit. If you just put the Optifit Bra on how you would a normal bra you will immediately notice a difference, in that its wrong and probably slightly tight! The 12 step fitting guide may sound long winded, but once you get the hang of it is really quite quick.

Optifit Fitting Guide
Optifit Fitting Guide

For me, my bras have to be comfortable. Being larger breasted it can be hard to find one where you don’t have lumps and bumps. The biggest change I noticed about Optifit was I had no lumps and bumps! For those larger ladies like myself who have a little extra skin (Who am I kidding, Sue put it best – back fat) this bra is ideal for you! Its also great for giving you better shape.

The bra still has the standard hook and eye fastening, which is also adjustable by the sets of ‘eyes’ like a normal bra. I must add that the bras are extremely well made. From the hemming, to the straps details – everything is finished off beautifully and professionally as you would expect from such an amazing bra.

Optifit Bra in Peaches and Cream - Hook and Eye Fastening
Optifit Bra in Peaches and Cream – Hook and Eye Fastening

However, the biggest thing I loved about this bra was how it took the strain from my back. I have some very large breasted friends, one of whom had to under go surgery due to back problems from her chest being so large. I really think this bra would have helped her.

Optifit bras aren’t the sexiest, I have to be honest. But, they really do make your silhouette better. The range at present is fairly small in style/colourd, however they have bought out a collection of matching briefs for those who like their underwear in sets – much like I do.

When I first wore my Optifit bra it felt a little odd. After years of wearing bras in the same old styles (Since I was 9!), to then wear something that fits completely different was strange. It probably took me a few hours to get used to it. It wasn’t that it was uncomfortable, just different. The back sits slightly lower than my normal bras, also its tighter around the middle and my breasts were lifted too. Once, I got used to it I definitely saw and felt the benefits though.

Optifit has opened my eyes to bras. I never realised all these years that one 38D bra does not necessarily fit all. I also never realised that I could have a bra that would give me a much better shape minus the lumps and bumps!

The price of the Optifit bra is £69.99. A rather large price tag! But when you weigh up the pros and cons of this bra I feel its a worth while investment. Especially when you can wear this bra when pregnant too! The Optimeasure costs £4.00 but this amount is deducted from your first bra purchase.

For more information on Optifit why not check out their Website, Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

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