Having waited so long and read so many reviews on the Sleek Oh So Special palette I was super excited to try it today. I had some concerns as I’ve built this palette up so much in my mind, would it live up to my expectations? Sleek products (For Me) have always been good so far so quality wouldn’t be an issue, but would the colours work for me like the palettes before?

The packaging of Oh So Special by Sleek is as always gorgeous. The palette comes in its own box which I love with Sleek. Don’t get me wrong I know most people discard them and don’t use them once you’ve opened the palette but I like to keep mine in them. So pretty in beautiful pinks and peaches with Sleek’s trademark black box. I love the Mediterranean box but something about this one is too cute to ignore.


Inside the box we have the black palette with Sleek Makeup’s monogram. I was a little disappointed that they have also included what collection it is on the casing as they have with Mediterranean and Caribbean palettes – this is probably because they were limited editions I think. The colours are all pretty and cute, very wearable and adaptable.

The exciting part as always isn’t in the packaging but in the colours themselves. Upon opening the palette we have a good section of warm neutrals which will be very adaptable to most daytime subtle looks. There is also some darker browns, a smokey blue/grey, deep plum and black. First impressions were good, I liked the colour range and knew this palette maybe be a heavy contender for my most used Storm Palette. They had also included an inlay transparent slip with the shadow names on. I still love this idea and am hoping its going to be a regular feature with palettes from Sleek from now on. We also have the large mirror which I find fantastic for doing my eye makeup and the double sponged eye shadow applicator (Which I still think no one really uses!)

Excited to get my mits on these colours I swatched them all for you to see;

Top line of eyeshadows in palette, left to right; Bow, Organza, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz and Celebrate.

Bottom line of eyeshadows in palette, left to right; Pamper, Gateau, The Mail (Hard to see as it blends with my tan!), Boxed, Wrapped Up and Noir.

Before swatching I was so impressed with Organza, Glitz, Pamper and Celebrate – after swatching I still loved these colours but was REALLY disappointed with Celebrate. I love plum shades and this one had a slight shimmer but on swatching was rather dull/flat.

I decided to do a daytime look but a little darker than I would normally wear. A simple light eye would be too easy with this palette!

Look was made using the following colours;

Ribbon all over eyelid and into crease.

Celebrate on outer corners and to middle of crease blended well and upwards towards brow. Also on lower lash line.

Gateau in inner corner and crease blended into Celebrate.

Glitz in outer corners blended.

I was dissapointed (And surprisingly so) with how unpigmented these colours were. With the exceptions of Glitz and Noir I felt the colours were a little light no matter how much I applied of them (I’m talking more of the darker shades). As always I applied some Benefit Lemon Aid as my primer. I think as I’m used to the more wild Sleek palette’s using something that had so many neutrals was hard. I could probably play with it some more and get dramatic but I don’t ¬†always have the time in the mornings to repeatedly apply and blend to build it up.

I was also surprised compared to the Curacoa palette which is vibrant and pigmented just how much fall out I had from these shadows! I have Celebrate all over my cheeks and nose! Not had this with the other palettes even when using the really dark colours.

I do think this palette will be more user friendly to many who like to keep it simple and light – I can also see me using it for those purposes but I think I will be turning to my other Sleek palettes to blend these colours with. I honestly thought this may make my Storm palette redundant but it won’t be. A lovely palette with some really pretty shades but after using it – its just a little too ‘light’ for me I think!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx