I was recently asked if I would like to try and review the Soothe Plus Shampoo and Conditioner, at first I was dubious as I do have issues with shampoos, but was over the moon when I saw the press release and found it was designed especially for those with sensitive scalps and skin. Here’s my thoughts on Soothe Plus shampoo and conditioner by Herb UK…

Here is a little information about the Soothe Plus Shampoo and Conditoner…

The Soothe Plus range calms, cleanses and rebalances irritated and sensitive scalps naturally. The range comprises a shampoo, treatment and conditioner. These three products have been designed specifically for people with highly sensitive or irritated scalps. They are packed full of botanical and certified organic ingredients to provide a calming and soothing effect. The extremely mild shampoo is also fantastic for use as a body wash. 

Soothe Plus Shampoo

is formulated from botanical extracts and certified organic ingredients to cleanse highly sensitive, irritated scalps and hair. Ideal as a body wash, it may also reduce soreness and tenderness of the skin. It is pH balanced and perfume-free. 

Soothe Plus Conditioner

is formulated from botanical extracts and certified organic ingredients to leave highly sensitive scalps and hair with the correct pH balance and in superb condition. It is perfume-free. 


I loved the tranquil packaging of Soothe Plus shampoo and conditioner, its quite basic and yet individual. You can clearly see its part of OCS (Organic Care System) product range. Both products have a push/pump button action – this can be a little tricky when your hands are wet from washing your hair, but it just takes getting used too.

The shampoo is really quite lovely on application. Do not think when using this product it is poor because you don’t produce a good lather on the first wash – this is because of the ingredients used to produce it. Adding more product won’t help, instead do a second lather and this one will be very bubbly! Soothe Plus also recommend leaving the second shampoo on for a couple of minutes, this gives the ingredients time to work on the scalp and help penetrate it. I especially found that a couple of ‘raw’ patches where I’d been itching really appreciated this as the skin there felt so much better afterwards.

The shampoo is also mild enough to be used as a body wash! As its designed for sensitive skin it is perfect for those who do have psoriasis and eczema! My skin appreciated this shampoo lathered onto my skin – it also left me feeling soft and clean without my irritated skin acting up and being itchy!

Since bleaching my hair I’ve found I need  more ‘intensive’ products to get my hair soft and manageable. I did wonder how Soothe Plus Conditioner would fair on my hair and was pleasantly surprised, my hair felt soft and looked amazingly shiny and glossy afterwards!  I left the conditioner on a few minutes which I do with every conditioner I use and then just rinsed as normal with warm water. Again, because of the gently ingredients in the Soothe Plus range the conditioner did not cause any upset, discomfort or irritation to my scalp! Without a doubt the Soothe Plus range is a must have for those who have sore, irritated, problematic scalps prone to reactions to shampoos and conditioner.

OCS Soothe Plus Shampoo and Conditioner – the shampoo reminds me of runny honey and the conditioner is quite thick

Being botanical products their fragrance is subtle yet lovely. The shampoo and conditioner remind me of fresh spring flowers with a hint of neroli oil. I really love this duos fragrance and it lasts on your hair too without it being heady or overpowering.

I think my favourite thing about the Soothe Plus range was the instant benefits; my scalp felt a lot calmer. As we’ve had a fair bit of warm weather of late my scalp can become really sore and irritated, my psoriasis can get really uncomfortable and flare up badly. From the first day of using the shampoo and conditioner I noticed my skin felt less inflamed and more comfortable – it was definitely less itchy. Although the shampoo and conditioner are not designed to get rid of my psoriasis the ingredients definitely help to soothe my conditions and make them feel better.

Soothe Shampoo is available in a Soothe Plus Kit (350ml £29.95) which includes Soothe Conditioner and Soothe Treatment, the trio are designed to work in conjunction with each other for the most effective care for the hair and scalp.

Although many may feel that’s a little expensive, it works out at less than £10 per product, finding a product if you have an extremely sensitive scalp can be expensive and I feel these are worth the money for more comfort on my scalp.

OCS (Organic Care Systems) were the 2012 ‘Your Hair’ winners, the range is also used by Neve Campbell and Rachel McDowell and is quite a celebrity favourite.

Herb UK products are not tested on animals (CCF) and contain organic ingredients.

For more information on Herb UK products including their Organic Colour Systems why not check out their website, where lists of stockists is also available.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx