I’ve been thoroughly testing the No7 Match Made Concealer in Warm Beige and Cool Beige that I was shade matched too from the No 7 Match Made Service (Post Here) and now wanted to share with you my thoughts…

No7 Match Made Concealer in Warm Beige and Cool Beige

Here is a little information about the Match Made Concealers…

No7 Match Made Concealer hides everything from blemishes to age spots, uniquely matched to your skin tone using No7 Match Made.
Find your perfect concealer match with our new Match Made Concealer Sticks. Flaws, blemishes and age spots are erased in an instant, leaving you with a beautifully even skin tone.
The easy-to-apply formulation lasts all day to keep your skin shine free and flawless.
Up to 16 hours wear.
Now available in 17 skin-true shades.

Now luckily for me, when I had the No 7 Match Made service, I was matched to 2 shades – Warm Beige and Cool Beige. I never thought having both concealers I would use them each day, but strangely I do. I always use the Cool Beige under my eyes area and then conceal the anywhere else with the Warm Beige. The Cool Beige really brightens up under my eyes and helps with those dark circles where as the Warm Beige works best on my blemishes and areas I’ve gotten more sun and am slightly darker.

My skin tone at present is best described as Fair/Medium, as I am losing my Summer tan and haven’t been using fake tanning products recently. The Warm Beige shade is, stupid as it sounds warmer in tone, slightly more pink. The Cool Beige is paler than the other shade and more neutral in my opinion.

No7 Match Made Concealer in Warm Beige and Cool Beige

The consistency of Match Made concealer is rather different to what I am used too. I tend to use a liquid concealer, or a thick cream like paste. The Match Made concealer is more of a harder concealer, much like that of a stick foundations from years ago. However, that’s where the similarities end. It has an extremely creamy consistency and a smooth almost ‘satin’ like finish. I also find that a little goes a long way as the products are really blend-able. You can build this product up quite easily without it becoming cakey. In fact, if I don’t want a day of wearing heavy foundation I will apply a BB cream and then use this concealer to build coverage (Using it almost like a foundation), it really does love work with most of my cream foundation products too. If there was a stick foundation of the same formula – I WOULD BUY IT!

Match Perfect Concealer boasts 16 hours of wear, now I personally don’t think it lasts that long on my skin, but can say I get good coverage for 8 hours. I have lately had slightly oilier skin and needed to powder more often, so this may be why.

The best thing about this concealer though for me was that even under my eyes where almost ALL concealers I’ve ever tried make my eczema stand out like a sore thumb and look worse than it actually is, this concealer conceals my dark circles and actually helps conceal the eczema too. The product is quite moisturising and not drying at all, so works really well on my sensitive skin.

No7 Match Made Concealer in Warm Beige (Left) and Cool Beige (Right) Swatches

No7 Match Made Concealer in Warm Beige (Left) and Cool Beige (Right) Swatches

Having found not 1 but 2 products that are matched to my skin I feel really lucky. I know other people have mentioned having a poor experience with the Match Made Service, but I really can only praise my Chelmsford store in Boots. They have matched me perfectly to my concealers and once my tan diminishes a bit more I would definitely go back and look to being matched again for more products – especially their foundations as I want to try those too. If you have had a poor experience, I would recommend trying another branch if you can.

No7 Match Made Concealer in Warm Beige (Left) and Cool Beige (Right)

No7 Match Made Concealer in Warm Beige (Left) and Cool Beige (Right)

The No 7 Match Made Concealers are priced at £7.50 which I feel is more than reasonable. You get a decent amount of product and it lasts well on the skin. I don’t feel its overpriced at all and I would definitely repurchase without giving another thought to my old concealers. You can purchase the No 7 Match Made Concealers at No 7 stands in Boots. Being available in 17 shades, I think they will cover most skin tones.

I’m definitely a big fan of these concealers now and in honesty, would struggle going back to my old concealers as I like both the coverage I get and the feel of these concealers on my skin.

For more information on No 7 and their products; why not check out their page at Boots onlineFacebookor Twitter?

Lots of Love,
Mel xxxx

*Disclaimer – These products were sent to me for review purposes