Review: Nice’n Easy Non Permanent Colour Medium Ash Blonde #73 (Up To 24 Washes)

It feels very strange writing up the review on this product now I have coloured my hair much darker but I wanted to put this review up and tell you a few great things about the Semi permanent colours from Nice n’easy which last 24 washes and what I like to use them for. Just bare in mind my hair is massively darker now than the picture I show in this review.

The reason I use this product is to tone over my hightlighted areas. When I had my hair dark before and went back to blonde I found it was still a little darker than I would have liked so ran highlights through my hair. This worked out really well but meant I then needed to tone them down somewhat as I wasn’t aiming for a bleached look at all, just lighter hair. Putting a permanent dye onto the highlighted areas would result in more damage so using a product which has no ammonia in it is gentler on your hair.

The other reason I really love Nice’n Easy’s semi permanent colours is they last up to 24 washes and are great at evening the tone of your hair so it blends the same all over (Which is the problem I have because of my highlights). This is also great for people who love the VIBRANT red and copper shades and find they fade quickly! Using a semi permanent in the same colour before your roots need doing can bring back the gorgeous colour you love so much without having to add more permanent dye onto your hair when your roots are fine.

They also cover grey hair pretty well! So good for those people like me who may have a few grey hairs too and want to tone them to match the rest of your hair without having to use a permanent dye.

In the box you get pretty much the same as you do with most colourants;

The colourant (You mix in the activator – labeled 1)

The activating liquid (Labeled 2)

A conditioner (This one comes in a sachet and there is only enough for 1 use)

Plastic Gloves (I admit I don’t use this and have my own latex ones which I prefer, sorry I haven’t included these in the above picture)

Full Instructions (Again not shown above as they were sitting by my taps in the bathroom)

You apply the colour to dry hair. Unless I am going for a dramatic colour change I always apply it in the same method (Please see my how to colour post here). The colour is the left on 15 minutes (Or however your strand test suggestions – mine is 15 minutes. I do recommend doing a strand test and as always please carry out a skin test for sensitivity 48 hours before using this product!!) and rinsed throughly afterwards. Once you have rinsed; massage the conditioner into your hair and leave for 2 minutes. Rinse again and you are ready to style your hair as normal!

Although its a subtle change I have taken some before and after pictures to show you why I used this product and what result I achieved on my hair.

Please excuse my messy hair. This was washed the night before and left to dry naturally. My hair was coloured with Nice’n Easy Dark Blonde Permanent colour about 3 weeks before this photo. Although not clear from this shot my hair was much lighter on my highlights and looks patchy because of this. I prefer a more ‘flawless’ look with my colour so wanted to tone all my hair to the same shade.

Here is my hair side on. I think this shows more clearly the unevenness of my hair where it is highlighted. Please note its not the lighting my hair was actually this uneven!!

My hair after using Nice’n Easy Non Permanent Colour Medium Ash Blonde #73. More even and more glossy!

My Hair after using Nice’n Easy Non Permanent Colour Medium Ash Blonde #73. You can see how the highlights blend with my natural hair. My hair looks shiny and glossy and even too.

Many people ask what colour is best to use after Colour B4 if they are aiming for a dark blonde I have personally found that Nice’n Easy’s Shade 73 Medium Ash Blonde is great for this purpose. Please note its useless if you are wanting to tone down light blonde hair as it will make it too dark but for anyone with dark blonde hair or darker its perfect as the ash will counteract much of the brassiness if its red toned.

Nice’n Easy is a brand I swear by. Many people probably think I get paid for these posts and I can’t stress enough that is not the case! I have been using Nice’n Easy products since I was about 12 years old. That’s 24 years of using the same brand. Yes I have tried other brands I won’t lie but I always go back to Nice’n Easy as I find it works best on my hair above everything else.

Too many girls these days rush out to dye their hair and grab the first permanent colour they find in a colour they like and use it. Semi permanent colours are a great way of trying something out before taking the ‘permanent’ jump (Obviously if it is a similar depth to your own hair or darker – these will not lighten your hair). They can also mean avoiding mistakes and having to rush out and use Colour B4!!

My hair after using this colour was soft and very shiny. In fact bar the colour change you would never know I’d put anything on it – there is no further damage than there was before (My hair needs a cut so I admit I do have split ends!!).

Nice’n Easy Non Permanent Colour Medium Ash Blonde #73 costs £4.09 from Superdrug, you can also buy it in Boots and most supermarkets. If you want a more thorough idea of what colours are available Clairol Nice’n Easy range why not check out there website here.

Have you tried any of the Nice’n Easy products yet? What’s your opinions on them?

Mel xxxx