Review: Nails Inc Fishnet Magnetics Polishes in Piccadilly and Spitalfields

Its getting colder and it looks like Summer has left us. For many this is a sad time, for my nails – this is a time of rejoicing! Yes, I love the change from Summer to Autumn as it means a whole new selection of nail varnish finishes and colours I can wear.

If you do not follow my blog regularly then you may not know my favourite brand of nail varnish is Nails Inc. I love the colour ranges, their effects and how they always seem to be spot on when it comes to trends! Recently I was sent a couple of their new Magnetic Polishes, I have reviewed some before (Reviews here for Whitehall and Trafalgar Square – there’s also a tutorial on how to actually use the magnetic polishes too) but these are the new Fishnet ones. Here are my thoughts and some swatches of Piccadilly and Spitalfields….

The new fishnet magnetic polishes from Nails Inc come in 3 colours;

Piccadilly – gold shimmer fishnet
Soho – chrome metallic fishnet
Spitalfields – green metallic fishnet 

I’m quite a fan of the magnetic polishes, I find each time I do them they look slightly different. Giving them a unique look which I’m forever getting compliments on. Many friends ask me how on earth I did them, it almost feels a shame explaining just how simple and easy it is and had nothing to do with my talents!

Still, here are Piccadilly and Spitalfields magnetic polishes in all their glory!

Piccadilly (Left) and SpitalFields (Right)

In different lights I found that one would look better than the other. At first I’ll admit Spitalfields was my favourite. Being such a beautiful emerald green shade on its own and then to have a gorgeous fishnet pattern option with it too – well it was a no brainer. But then, I looked at Piccadilly in natural light, the gold flecks in the varnish against the smooth gold base, it screams elegance and will be perfect for the party season!

The finishes of both polish are slightly metallic, so theres already some depth to the polishes before you even add the effects with the magnet. The finish is a mild gloss, do not expect high shine with these at all! I would thoroughly recommend adding a good top coat to the polishes either way after, this will add a nice gloss but also help maintain the polish for a lot longer. I will say though, I find Nails Inc polishes to last really well on my nails whether I use a top coat or not.

Piccadilly (Left) and Spitalfields (Right)

No images I found could do these polishes justice at all. The effects are so much better than the images I took. It really depends on the lighting of where you are as to how prominent they look on your nails. The Fishnet effects are probably my favourite so far. I love the difference in pattern from other Magnetic Polishes, I love how they got so many compliments and I’m also a massive fan of the Spitalfields emerald green shade. I will definitely be purchasing Soho, as I feel that needs to be in my collection too!

Another great thing to remember with the Magnetic polishes, is you can mix and match the magnets! Nails Inc has a great range of magnetic colours which include;

London Town – metallic taupe
Whitehall – metallic teal
Kensington Palace – metallic raspberry
Trafalgar Square – metallic silver/chrome
Houses of Parliament – metallic purple 


Any of the magnets that come with the magnetic polishes can be used with other magnetic polishes, so you can create all sorts of effects and patterns just by changing the magnet!

Nails Inc Magnetic Polishes cost £13.00 each, you can purchase them directly from Nails Inc.

For more information on Nails Inc, why not check out their website, facebook or twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx