When it comes too makeup my biggest obsession is eye shadows. I love reviewing eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes are my weakness! As some of you may have seen the other day when I got my Superdrug order I actually made it because of this palette – Makeup Acadamy’s Professional Heaven and Earth Palette.

My Superdrug doesn’t stock the professional range of MUA and less I am going to Lakeside or Bluewater I haven’t a store near by where I can by these goodies. I have a few bits that are part of the professional range and they are all good – but something about the world Professional makes you feel that bit more special. This palette at present is one of the sought after palettes as it is beautiful, neutral and almost likened too the high end Urban Decay Naked palette. As I’ve mentioned before, I do now have the Naked palette so this will not be a comparison review against it. Instead this will be more thoughts on the MUA Professional Heaven and Earth palette.

(MUA) Make Up Academy Professional Heaven and Earth Palette With Flash

On first looks this palette is easily a day time wearable palette. The colours are all neutrals and varying shades of brown with some gold and copper. After being disappointed with other similar palettes like this I was very keen to swatch these and get them on my eyes!



(MUA) Make Up Academy Professional Heaven and Earth Palette Without Flash

The colours are strong, pigmented and go on smoothly. I loved the varying shades of brown, instantly drawn too shades I knew I could wear daily I knew this was a palette I would love. Before swatching I could see 1,2,8,12 would be colours I’d use as a day to day look.

The swatches did not disappoint! I loved everyone one of the shades, even the golds and coppers were pretty and striking and did not remind me of something from a 70’s movie! There wasn’t a swatch I didn’t like. I think ‘1’ would be the colour I’d use probably use as a high lighter and not as a main shadow but all the others were ones I could envisage in different looks.

As with all palettes I don’t think you really can get a feel for it without using it! So I went too work on a look using Heaven and Earth. I would have been all too easy for me to do a look that was for every day so I went for a look that was more glitzy and glam – something I’d wear on an evening out.

I loved working with these eye shadows, so easy too blend and build up. I kept swapping and changing my mind; adding more gold or copper and then a soft brown. The only parts of this eye look not using the palette were the liner and mascara. This look was easily wearable in the day too if I hadn’t of gone potty on the eye liner but I felt I need a bit of glam on a nice day when I have a cold still and feel poorly.

I can’t really compare the palette too any other brands, firstly as it comes out really high in my opinions. I only have 2 high end quads and these are both super pigmented. I wouldn’t say Heaven and Earth is super pigmented but it is pretty good. For £4 I would not complain at all and can see this palette becoming a huge favourite of mine. I also intend to purchase the other pro palette’s now in the MUA range. Good value for money, good quality and fun too use. There isn’t a flaw or downside that I found with this palette!

Have you tried the Heaven and Earth palette? What did you think?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx