Review – MUA (Makeup Academy) Professional Starry Night Palette and EOTD

After loving the MUA (Make Up Academy) Professional  Heaven and Earth Palette I decided I wanted to get the other palettes too in the professional range. They are obviously very popular as most of them were sold out online at Superdrug, Starry Night was the only one available – good really as it was my second choice too Heaven and Earth.

The Starry Night palette looks beautiful; purples, blues, silver/greys and even a pink. The colours scream magic and mystery too me and remind me of glamour and evenings. I was so taken by the palette I could’t wait to get inside and swatch these colours


The palette was much like the Heaven and Earth palette; black casing with a clear plastic lid. Inside was the palette eyeshadows and also the (Useless) sponge applicator.

Unlike the Heaven and Earth palette I didn’t feel the colours were as vibrant. They were still some pigment to them and were beautiful but not as dark even when I built them up. The swatches should show you what I mean.

Another surprise between these 2 palettes is these colours (Well some of them) are much darker than in the Heaven and Earth palette yet I did not have any (Maybe a very tiny amount but it wasn’t noticeable) fall out on application! I was amazed as I usually find with ‘smokey’ dark colours you will almost always get some fall out below the lash line.

Application was easy, I chose too go for a moody night makeup – Mark felt it was a sexy look, smouldering. This is not a look I’d pull off easily not with my skin base as I feel it would need to be flawless for these eyes.

I worked with;

10 all over the lids,

5 and 3 in the crease blended together,

8 as a highlight on my brown bone and inner corner of my eye,

6 for definition in the outer corners for a smokey look and blended along my upper lash line to give a subtle depth to my lashes.

Along my bottom lashes I used 3.

I do wish that MUA would number or give names too their professional palettes as it would make tutorials and reviews much easier.

I loved how the colours blended and were so workable. I built up heavy depth on my eyes although would have liked a bit more vibrancy as 3 of the shades ( 3, 5 and 7) at first looked almost identical until I built them up more. I do really like this palette even with my moaning. I like the look, but feel this is an evening palette and one I don’t think I could pull off for a day time look. It’s what I would call a ‘special occasions’ palette.

At £4 its a total bargain still and even if I only ever wore this palette twice (Unlikely!!) I feel it would be well worth its weight! I still believe MUA Professional products are fantastic value for money and although I would not compare them to the likes of the high-end market, for the price I feel they are right up there with the top pharmacy/drugstore brands. If you feel like adding a little mystery and suspense into your eyeshadow collection I recommend you buy one of these beautiful Starry Night Palettes!

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Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx