I don’t wear a lot of lipstick, but when I do I tend to opt for more natural shades. A heavier lip is something I’ll do if I’m going out for an evening, but as that’s a rarity nude or lip balms are my daily choice.

As we are coming into Autumn (Yes, I know it doesn’t feel  like we really had a Summer!) I usually start getting out my Nude collection lipsticks. I had seen some swatches of Vibe the Lip Boom from MUA Makeup Academy Professional the other day and decided to give it a try myself, here are my thoughts….

Here’s a little information about the Lip Boom Collection…

Designed in collaboration with Alexandra Burke, the brand new Lip Booms from MUA are like nothing else on the High Street. With a lipstick on one end and a highlighting gloss on the other, they create the look of fuller, curvaceous lips. Use alone or all together for a striking, gorgeous look! There are so many possibilities with the Lip Boom and it’s a total Spring/Summer must-have! It comes in eight shades chosen by Alex herself, OK.com, Vibe, O.M.G, Cheeky!, Doin’ Good, Bring It, It’s A Situation, LMK (Let Me Know).



The packaging of the Lip Boom is a little different. I presumed that the lipstick end would have a brush due to the style of the tube, but no its a normal lipstick with a swivel end to raise the lipstick from the base. The lid is actually part of the casing that holds the lip gloss  sponge applicator on the other side – confused much? I know, but hopefully the picture will show you what I mean.

This means you have to take the product out as 1 complete item and can’t just take the gloss or lipstick – not unless you want a great deal of mess. This isn’t too bad though, the size of the product is similar to 2 lipsticks stacked on top of each other – so not huge.

The lipstick and gloss can each be worn on their own, or together – so you have 3 combinations really. I felt this was a really good thing as its like having 3 products in 1 – 3 different looks.

Lipstick, gloss and a combination of the 2 swatched on hand

I was also really impressed with the scent of the products; both have a really sweet, vanilla/fudge scent which is really yummy and delicious to the senses (Unfortunately they aren’t edible and do not taste like the fragrance).

Colour wise, ‘Vibe’ gives us a gorgeous nude lipstick. The finish is very similar to a matt lipstick but without the drying properties you usually associate with them. In fact I would almost liken the consistency to that of a lip balm. I did love the nude rose/peach shade and found it gave my lips a ‘better than my lips’ colour with a little depth.

Lipstick only Swatched on Lips

The gloss is a nude peach toned gloss with gold particles. It is sparkly but not in a massive fairy type way. The gold particles are quite small too, so you can’t feel them in the gloss nor do they stand out dramatically. Instead the gloss gives a beautiful sheen to the lips, while moisturising too. I didn’t find the gloss sticky at all, this formula was really good and I was impressed.

Mixing the 2 colours together you are left with a barely there lip with a nice glossy finish. This will work across all skin tones and look pretty amazing. This is the kind of combination I would wear with a heavy eye makeup and would work for both day and evening wear.

Lipstick and Gloss combined together swatch on lips

Over all, I couldn’t fault the MUA Makeup Academy Professional Lip BOOM in Vibe at all. I loved the lipstick formula, the gloss looks great on too and mixing them together gives you a third option which look amazing. I can see me wearing the lipstick most as I really love the formula and keeping the gloss for times when I want a little sparkle.

The MUA Makeup Academy Professional Lip BOOM collection is available in 8 shades and can be purchased in selected Superdrug stores or directly through MUA Makeup Academy Professional. The Lip Boom’s cost £3.00 each which I feel is a complete steal! I will definitely be investing in other shades in the collection that’s for sure!

For more information on MUA Makeup Academy Professional and their products, why not check out their; Website, Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx