From many reviews I’ve written you will know one thing I hate about myself is my eyelashes. Strange when I consider one of my best qualities my eyes. Still we can’t have it all ways and short stubby blonde lashes is something I have lived with a long time. I’ve been giving false eyelashes a break for a while as I’ve been reviewing and testing some lash serums. Today I felt like a change and wanted to try these Miss Eylure lashes I bought ages ago, so thought I’d give them a whirl.

The difference between the Miss Eylure lashes and my other ones are there are self adhesive. Something I felt must be good as it would be so much easier ‘touching’ up a lash that’s adhesive rather than having to re-glue it. Also the Miss Eylure lash range has some really cute lashes in it.

Today I am reviewing the ‘Ava’ style lashes. I love that they are all called girls names and each set has a quirky comment about the girl’s name. With Ava we have, “Celebrities eating bugs? What’t not to like?”. See I said they were quirky! The lashes from Miss Eyelure are pre-glued for ease (No carrying glue around with you) and applied in the same way you would normal lashes (I use tweezers). They are also reusable and suitable for people who wear contact lenses. Miss Eyelure quote, “Boring beauty is over, fabulous lashes are in!” Lets see how fabulous they are….

Eyes/Lashes before application

Miss Eylure Ava Lashlets – Open

Miss Eylure Ava Lashes on – Closed

Over all I think they are a lovely shape/size lash. I love the effect they give my eyes and are probably subtle enough for day time use. They were no harder than normal lashes to apply but maybe a little trickier in that they are so sticky. You can easy dislodge them and reapply bits if they aren’t even. I probably took about 3 minutes to put them on (1 eye is always easier than the other). They weren’t uncomfortable but they also weren’t as comfortable as my Eylure self adhesive lashes. They did feel heavier and I don’t know if it was just paranoia but I didn’t feel as ‘secure’ wearing them as  my self adhesive ones. The looked good and gave a lovely effect but I couldn’t have kept them on if I tried. After 10 minutes (no rubbing or touching) the right eye outer corner has moved slightly and was coming up. This didn’t fill me with confidence either. Also they didn’t seem as sticky once you had moved them once and you will notice on the picture of me wearing them with my eyes open how my left eye looks uneven, that’s because it just wouldn’t stick there. Yet wasn’t pealing away either. It’s hard to explain.

I don’t think Miss Eylure pre-glued lashes are for me. If all pre-glued ones are like this then I’d probably steer clear. These were bought on a 2 for £5.99 promotion at Superdrug a few weeks ago. I think I’d rather get just 1 pair of the Eylure lashes then buy these again. I will however try some more pre-glued ones if I see them about to see if it was just the Miss Eylure ones. But don’t think I’ll be buying these ones again.

Have you had problems with these lashes? Do you love them better than the self adhesive ones? Please let me know your comments.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx