Sometimes its the most natural of products that are best for your skin and hair. These days we are always reaching for the quick fix with lots of chemicals thrown in. When I first started training as a hair dresser (Nearly 20 years ago!) my hair got extremely dried out from chemical processing (Namely many bleach applications as I liked to colour and strip my hair a little bit too much). It was dry and my scalp was complaining too. My boss recommended to me Coconut Oil. I’ll be honest and say I looked at him like he was crazy – but went home and tried it and have never looked back.

In my opinion Coconut Oil is an inexpensive way to put nutrients back into your hair. It will give your hair great shine and gloss, it also will help the cuticles on your hair shaft lay flatter. This gives your hair a sleeker look and makes your hair look healthier too. Coconut oil treatments are super simple to do too (For an indepth post on How to use Coconut Oil, check out this one by Hair Guru Scott Cornwall). Please bare in mind, if your hair is damaged this will not fix it – unfortunately only a good hair cut will. However, if your hair is feeling dry and in need of some serious TLC, then I thoroughly recommend this treatment!

Another great use for Coconut Oil in its solid format is to rub a small amount onto extremely rough skin. This can offer instantly relief. Coconut Oil is a seriously concentrated compound when in its solid form, so a small amount is all you will need! A friend of mine also swears by adding a teaspoon into her bath when her skin is feel a little chapped or irritated. Its a great natural bath oil and works wonders on your skin.

There are many Coconut Oils out there and the best place I have found to buy them is Holland and Barrett. At present I am using Miaflora Coconut Oil (For my previous review on their Moroccan Argon Oil Click here). The convenient small tub will fit neatly on most shelves and in bathroom cabinets. It has a secure screw top lid so great if you want to take it away with you. Another great thing about the Miaflora Coconut Oil is its one of the smallest tubs on sale I’ve seen. So, if you are unsure whether the product will work for you and are worried about spending out a lot on something large, this is a better option.

You can purchase Miaflora Coconut Oil at Holland and Barrett stores and online through Holland and Barrett. A 207ml tub costs just £6.99 and will lasts ages! This is one item I am never without in my bathroom and is an essential haircare treatment in my opinion.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx