Being the mascara junkie that I am, I’ll be honest and say I’ve probably about 20 mascaras, possibly 30 but thats all I’ll admit to! Often with my mascaras I will buy one, use and and not buy the same again. So, when I do have a mascara that I purchase more than once it does show that I have some love for it.

My original Max Factor False Lash Fusion Effect Mascara was won on a Twitter competition months ago, I meant to review it at the time and forgot (This often happens!). I have since bought another one which shows that it can’t be that bad – in fact its pretty good.

Here’s a little information straight from Max Factor about their mascara…

Our mega volumising brush has been fused with our ultimate length formula to deliver incredible lash glamour.

It’s a winning, wowing combination: both volumising AND lengthening effects means you can create a more impactful look than ever before. It’s set to become the must-have miracle for dramatic eyes.


The casing is a striking purple, it stands out amongst other mascaras. Its a smooth design, real secure and feels good when you are applying it.

The formula is something I both love and loathe. I love its thickness and consistency what I don’t like is its fragrance. This is quite a ‘pongy’ fragrance and strong. It doesn’t make my eyes water from the scent but as with most mascaras if you do manage to get it in your eye, it will sting.

The brush isn’t one of my favourite designs I’ll admit. I prefer a ‘bristle’ brush with natural bristles where as the False Lash Effect Fusion brush is plastic bristles. At first this was one of the things I disliked about the mascara. What I will say is the bristles on the brush are short and they don’t feel as ‘sharp’ or ‘spiky’ as some brushes I’ve used. With time I’ve come to like this design but it wasn’t instant. This is namely as I like the effect it has on my lashes. With each stroke the lashes are separated neatly so you don’t have that ‘spidery’ effect. You can also achieve really good length on short, stubby lashes.

The proof with any good mascara is with the application, so I have taken several shots for you to show you just how good this mascara can make your lashes…

Here are my lashes with no mascara

My lashes with 1 coat of Max Factor False Lash Fusion Effect Mascara

My lashes with 2 coats of Max Factor False Lash Fusion Effect Mascara

As you can see you can really build this mascara up nicely without it looking clumpy and achieve more volume and length with each application. I will admit I always apply 2 coats but am sure if you wanted more drama you could easily apply 3.

Another love with this mascara is it doesn’t smudge or leave you with panda eyes. In fact I’ve found I can get a good 8 hours wear without any flaking at all. This in my books is a great mascara when it comes to lasting power!

I find mascaras range in price quite dramatically, Max Factor False Lash Fusion Effect Mascara costs around £11.99 which I feel is an average price for a High Street mascara and well worth its value when it comes to results and lasting power.

You can purchase Max Factor products from Superdrug, Boots and some Supermarkets (Like Tescos – this is in selected stores only).  For more details on Max Factor products, why not check out their website.

Have you tried Fusion? What are you opinions?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx