I’m not a massive Lush shopper, however my girls and my son are who all love their bath bombs, jelly soaps and shampoo bars. A while back I was buying some treats for my 2 eldest girls as presents for their good reports and the assistant introduced me too their new lip scrubs. I got my daughters the BubbleGum flavour ones but on trying the Mint Julips I had to but this just for me.


Its a lip scrub with a bit of a difference, its sugar based (Not so different you are thinking than most scrubs aren’t you?), but instead of washing or wiping this baby off you – you lick it off! And even better it tastes fantastic! Each one of their lip scrubs tastes just like its flavour; I’ve tried bubblegum (Like Hubba Bubba), Sweet Lips (Chocolate and Vanilla and wow!) and Mint Julips (Minty fresh and sweet).

Apply the scrub to your lips with your finger and work it over the in small circular motions

Act like you have just eaten a donut – or lick it off your lips. Either way it tastes fantastic!

Smooth, soft lips which are ready for anything – ok maybe a good lipstick or some balm?

It’s not cheap I don’t feel at £4.95 but you don’t use much each time. It just depends on how addicted you actually get too it. It leaves your lips so smooth and soft and removes all the rough uneven skin from you lips. It also makes the circulation in your lips better giving them a pouty rouge look.

Maybe more of a gimmicky item for kids I found this a great lip exfoliant, add to that it can freshen your breath slightly and make your lips a bit more pouty. It’s a great product and one I don’t think many are using when they probably should give it a whirl.

Available at all Lush stores and online its easy to purchase and worth its £4.95 – as long as you don’t eat it all in one go as it tastes so good!

Have you tried Lush Lip Scrubs?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx