Review: L’Oreal Excellence Creme Light Frosted Brown 613 Hair Colour

Today I would like to share with you my review of L’Oreal Excellence Creme Light Frosted Brown 613 Hair Colour.

I know what you are thinking, oh please not another hair colour review! Strangely enough you are also probably asking how the hell my hair hasn’t all fallen out yet as well. This is one of the reasons I chose this colour today as its designed for hair with damaged areas! Here’s my review and thoughts on L’Oreals Excellence Creme colour – because let’s face it girls… We’re worth it!

L’Oreal certainly aren’t new to colouring and over the years I’ve tried many of their products. I’ll be honest and say when I think of Excellence Creme I often think of the more ‘mature’ lady shall we say. I was going to buy Recital Preference but they hadn’t the shade I wanted – have you seen their new ‘image’ boxes? Talk about some lush colours with beautiful models! As my hair was very yellow/golden with orange tones I needed something violet based and this was proving slightly difficult across the brands. I also wanted a light brown colour as I didn’t want to go back to my dark brown – remember that was too dark. Light Frosted Brown shade number 613 (Or 6.13) fitted the bill exactly. The shade would neutralise all my yellow/orange bits and should leave me with a nice neutral brown colour – in theory.

The actual colouring process is much like any other drugstore/pharmacy brand in that it is applied on dry hair. The difference however with this one is that you apply the Protective Colour Treatment first to the damaged areas making sure to AVOID THE ROOTS! The treatment is much like a serum and very silky on your hair. I ran mine through the mid lengths and ends and then combed them through for good coverage and to miss any bits where too much product may be on the hair shaft. Once you have done this you then mix the colour like usual and apply in the normal way.

Excellence creme also comes with the handy ‘Comb’ attachment which is perfect for people who have shoulder length hair or shorter. I apologise that the images of the actual products are on my blog like normal but I accidentally deleted that shot off my iPhone and the bottles dirty. However i have taken a shot of the back of the box showing you the different items.

For hair that hasn’t been coloured before or not in the last 3 months you do a fresh application. As my hairs been coloured so much lately I used my usual ‘hot cross bun’ method starting with the roots and then working my way through to the mid lengths and ends. I then let the colour develop for 25 minutes. The actual time is 30 minutes but I found 25 was suitable from the strand test I performed before.

When I rinsed the colour out and applied the conditioner which comes with it I combed this through and left it on for 2 minutes and then rinsed. Already my hair was feeling soft and silky and you wouldn’t have known I’d just put yet another colour on my hair!

As many of you may or may not no, one of the reasons for uneven colour results can be due to porous hair (As well as those nasty greys some of us have!) and you never know whether the colour you have applied will be even. Due to the protective serum you apply at the begin this eliminates this problem. As long as your application and processing time is correct your colour will be good.

Here is my colour before I applied L’Oreal Excellence Creme Light Frosted Brown 613 Hair Colour (Photo taken yesterday) – note the brassy orange tone and yellow areas

The results was a perfect light brown, mine even has golden high light flecks in it which look amazing in the light. There’s no patchiness at all and the colour is everything I hoped, in fact its more than that as I really love it! When I coloured my hair this time I just wanted to neutralise all the nasty yellow and orange tones and get back to a light brown, instead I’ve got an amazing colour with great condition and something I love which is even better.

New hair colour using L’Oreal Excellence Creme Light Frosted Brown 613 Hair Colour – photo taken indoors (Obviously)

L’Oreal Excellence Creme Light Frosted Brown 613 Hair Colour – Outdoors so you can see the change from yesterdays image

At present because of Boots 3 for 2 across beauty and hair products (Some products are not included in this offer) the hair colorant is even better. I also bought my hair spray and styling spray too at the same time which meant the price was even better! The hair colour costs £6.79 which I think it more than reasonable for a great glossy hair colour which has made my damaged hair so soft and also look amazing! I would recommend L’Oreal Excellence Creme to anyone who has porous hair as its the best one I’ve found so far for damaged hair.

Have you tried L’Oreal Excellence Creme?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx