When I do my makeup each morning I had a 3 products I use no matter what look I am aiming for, these are my most reached for products and I can say that I’d struggle to do without them! One of these products I have mentioned in numerous Face of the Days and Tutorials and yet some how didn’t review it for you, so without further ado, here is my review of my most favourite concealer, Liz Earle’s Perfect Fix Concealer.

Here is a little information straight from Liz Earle about their amazing concealer….

 No make up bag should be without our highly-pigmented, lightweight concealer to disguise blemishes, minor skin imperfections and dark circles. Our creamy formula blends easily, without dragging the delicate under-eye area. Enriched with a derivative of natural source vitamin E.

Available in seven shades.



I am a MASSIVE fan of the Liz Earle Colour Range, I have MANY of the products and use them frequently, but since the first day I tried their Perfect Fix Concealer I’ve rarely used any other concealer I own! I have 5 other concealers in my collection (Not including corrective/tonal ones) and none of them come close to this in texture of constancy.

The shade I used is in 02 Fair, which is good for fair to medium toned skin I would say (Although since having a heavier tan due to the Sun I’ve found I need to add a little bronzer over the top to blend it with my skin!) and gives a good coverage. I have some acne ‘scaring’  from years ago, blemishes and also pigmented skin (Around my nose area) and find this concealer can tackle them all. If you have heavier blemishes you may find another concealer would be more beneficial – I would class this concealer as a ‘medium’ coverage concealer.

Liz Earle Perfect Fix Concealer in shade 02 Fair

My biggest love for this concealer is how moisturising the product feels on my skin. Too many concealers can feel dry, or almost like ‘paste’ which makes my skin feeling caked. I have fairly dry, sensitive skin but this concealer is perfect for me. It blends in effortlessly whether I use my finger or brushes. I also find I don’t need to ‘powder’ over it to get it to last well either. The formula just seems to lasts amazing well on skin!

I have been using this concealer now for over 3 months and love it! I have probably used just over half of it now, but when the time comes with definitely be replacing it with another one as its so good!

Liz Earle’s Perfect Fix Concealer is available in 7 different shades, so should cater to most skin tones. It costs £13.50 for 2g which doesn’t sound a lot of product but  it does last extremely well, I also find you don’t need a lot of product for good coverage either.

If you would like further information on the Liz Earle range, please check out their Website, Facebook or Twitter.

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Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx