Review: Liz Earle Make Up Brushes (Powder, Blush and Precision Brushes)

This is going to be the first part of my Liz Earle makeup reviews as I was sent some products from the Liz Earle Colour range to share with you. I am splitting the reviews as there was a lot of products and if I put them all together I don’t think they would all get their fair share of viewing time! So, today this is all about the brushes.

When it comes to makeup brushes I like to have good quality ones (Who doesn’t?) and will often pay for that quality too. In my collection I have MAC, Sigma, Real Techniques and some other random ones I’ve picked up along the way so a good selection to compare too I feel.

The Liz Earle brushes come in dark navy boxes, nice and sturdy and I felt it made a change from the usual serene packaging Liz Earle has – quite eye catching really.

Inside the boxes we are greeted with beautiful brushes with clear handles. On the handles is ‘Liz Earle’ and also what type of brush it is. Handy for those who are unsure of what the tool should be used for I felt. The handles feel really good quality and smooth, not too heavy in the hand so great for working products onto the face.

The proof of quality when it comes to brushes though is in the bristles themselves. They are incredibly soft both to the touch and glide across your face amazingly smooth. I was really impressed with them and I’ll be honest and say since I’ve received them have used them daily.

The powder brush is large and fluffy; great for applying powder around your face. It also works really well with dusting bronzer on and blending out harsh lines. At the tip it measures about 2″ across when flattened so its quite large.

The blush brush is an angled brush which measures just over 1″ at the tip. This blush brush works brilliantly with both cream and powder products. I have also found with it being angled its great for getting just under the cheekbone for contouring.

The precision brush is a bit of a multi purpose brush I’ve found. So far I’ve used it for packing running eyeshadow on my lower lash line, to apply my lipsticks and applying concealer. With the brush being nice and small it really is great for the smaller defined jobs you may have. This brush is quite stiff and holds its point well. It measures just over 0.5cm so is really small but don’t underestimate it just because its tiny.

All of the Liz Earle brushes are animal friendly and 100%man-made fibres.  They are the latest in synthetic technology which is why they are so unbelievably soft.

As for loss during use and cleaning them I have noticed none. Even if I give them a bit of a tug I don’t have any loss. This is something I have found even with MAC and Sigma brushes. They also dry quickly being man made.

The brushes aren’t cheap but you are paying for quality and I feel are more than worth their price.

The Powder Brush and Blush Brush are both £20 each. The Precision Brush is £13.

I prefer these over all my other brushes. I just wish there was a larger selection, although I have been told that they are releasing more brushes in the range but this won’t be till later this year probably – I’ll keep you posted on that information though!

These brushes will be available Mid-May time from Liz Earle online, Liz Earle Stores (London, Isle of Wight, Leeds, Guildford) and selected branches of John Lewis.

Would you consider trading in your brushes for some Liz Earle ones? Maybe you have tried them already, what’s your opinion?

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Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx