Review: Living Nature New Zealand Lip Balm

Whatever the time of year I am a lip balm addict. I carry in my handbag no less than 6 lip balms at any time (Sometimes more!) – obsessive I know but I’m always worried I may run out or something. At present though I am only reaching for one time and time again and I thought I would share with you which one it is and why.

I have reviewed a couple of products from Living Nature New Zealand before on my blog (Radiance Night Oil and Balancing Night Gel) and found them to be good in both quality and results. So when I saw there was a lip balm by them too I just had to try it!

Here is some information direct from Living Nature…

GREAT NEW FORMULATION: Smooth and protect your lips by sealing in moisture and preventing dehydration with our nourishing Lip Balm. Active Manuka Honey naturally moisturises, plus its antimicrobial properties help heal split or chapped lips. Calendula plus other soothing oils, fruit waxes and organic Shea Butter also make this Balm deeply nourishing.

Good enough to eat, our certified natural Lip Balm will leave your lips beautifully soft and supple. Hero ingredients: Manuka Honey for its humectant properties to maintain moisture levels in the skin, and for its natural antiseptic properties and enzymes.

To use: apply a small amount to lips as needed.

For all skin types. 


The packaging for this lip balm is a tube, it has a secure screw top lid. The ‘head’ of the lip balm is angled much like a lipstick and by gently squeeze the tube you can apply it straight to your lips this way to save messy fingers (I hate lip balm on my fingers!). It also means less mess and that you only use the amount of product you actually need.

Formulation wise, the lip balm is quite thick and not runny. It has a cream like colour but on application is clear. The fragrance is amazing; honey! This is not an overpowering fragrance at all but a nice subtle one. Unlike many lip balms it doesn’t feel sticky nor does it feel greasy. You do not need much of this product at all, in fact a small pea sized amount may be too much for some, so this is going to last you a good while. I feel it is quite concentrated.

When applied to your lips, it glides over them smoothly and the formulation almost melts into them. You are left with beautifully moisturised lips with a nice sheen! Its almost like a clear lipstick when on and looks great. I have also worn this over some of my matt lipsticks and it gives a gloss like appearance without the sticky feeling!

As my lips aren’t the smallest I often opt for balm over lipstick, but have found that I tend to use the Living Nature balm all the time. Whether I am wearing lipstick or not it is on my lips! I like to keep my lips soft and moisturised and this product has done just that. I’ve had no dryness at all and have even found I’ve not had to exfoliate my lips at all since using this product (I exfoliate my lips gently with a tooth brush for those who are curious). It is also a perfect base under red lipstick as it is so hydrating!

I am so glad I tried the Living Nature Lip Balm, it is a lovely product that smells (And tastes although you shouldn’t really eat it) amazing and leaves my lips feeling in tip top condition.

Living Nature Lip Balm and other products can be purchased online from Living Nature. The Lip Balm costs £9.75 for 10ml.

Have you tried any of the Living Nature range yet?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx