Review – Lauren’s Way Self Tanning Bronze Mousse

One of my favourite things I love to review is self/fake tanning products. I think you can tell this from my blog and YouTube channel! I had heard so many things about Lauren’s Way fake/self tans that I had to see for myself just how good they were! After reading a review on Lucy’s blog that was it, I was sold and I put my order in!

Firstly let me say something hand on heart and speak honestly for a moment – this may shatter any reputation I have built up. I have never (Yes I said never) watched ‘The Only Way is Essex’ or TOWIE as some like to call it, nor do I plan too. I may be from Essex and have lived here most of my life but programs like this make me cringe! Its like when the whole Essex girls jokes started back in the 90s and I was ridiculed at work for coming from Essex. I’m sorry but just because one person acts a certain way doesn’t mean we all do. I do however know who Lauren Goodger is and think that she is a clever business woman who is doing very well from the show with her businesses. That said, let’s get on with the review!

I bought both the Lauren’s Way Self Tanning Bronze Mousse and the Tanning Lotion but this review is just for the mousse – I think the lotion deserves its own review!! The set cost £25.00 and you can buy it here….

I’m not a huge fan of mousse self tans. I think it stems back to my early tanning days in the 90’s when they were really drying, went on uneven and looked so fake you would have been better off painting yourself orange. Since then I have probably only used a mousse a handful of times and nearly always use lotion. When I ordered these 2 they were on offer as a pack if you like I didn’t really read what I was getting just that 1 was a lotion so when they arrived I was a little dismayed – would I even like the mousse? Would I turn orange?!

I tried the mousse first of all, my theory was if it was a bad application or no good I could cover it the next day with the lotion! I know I’m a little mad like that at times.

The packaging is pretty simple but I like it. I love the crisp bright white bottle, the simple pink and black graphics and I suppose my only gripe with it would be that because it is white it will get all messy with usage – less you are extremely clean like me and like to wipe around it after each use.

The mousse didn’t really have a smell to it at all, even on my skin it didn’t smell of anything. This I really quite liked, so many tans now have perfumes in them to counteract the ‘fake tan’ smell we all call something – biscuit, cereal, old milk smell. I found with Lauren’s Way Self Tanning Bronze Mousse there was no smell at all at any time. Even when it was washed off! This was a massive plus point in my books!

Application was so easy! I’ve had lotions that were a nightmare to make even and apply, but this glided on and was absorbed. I applied mine with a mitt and found it to be easy! It didn’t streak on application and being tinted was easy to see where I’d applied it. I liked that it felt ‘moisturising’ on application and that my skin didn’t feel tight or damp from the mousse at all. In fact I got dressed shortly after applying this for bed and there was no transfer at all either! As it went into my skin so well I could have easily gone out straight away. Not one tell tale mark! On my legs (Which is what I took the photos of this time ) it looked like I had on ‘liquid’ stockings – not sure if 17 still make it but basically a gel tan (wash off) that could only be described as a foundation for legs. I have never seen anything go on so evenly! I will however add I didn’t just apply this to my legs but everywhere. Application everywhere else was even and probably the best tan of any kind I have applied to my hands!

I apologise for the ‘dodgy’ looking shape of my mousse – it was just the way it came out and it wasn’t till I looked at the images just now I realised what this could resemble! I assure you this is Lauren’s Way Mousse and nothing else!!

Here is a picture of my legs, scary aren’t they! On my left leg I have nothing and on my right leg I have applied Lauren’s Way Self Tanning Bronze Mousse, as you can see on application it looks very natural!

As I mentioned I put this on about 2 hours before going to bed and then got up in the morning and showered like I always do after tanning. The result was a beautiful glow! Not as dark as I usually would like but this mousse wasn’t listed as a ‘dark’ mousse and a second application would remedy it. There was no marks, bad bits, unevenness, tide marks or anything! I was glowing and golden with a beautiful colour.

Morning result after washing off Lauren’s Way Self Tanning Bronze Mousse. This is only 1 application! It is subtle, has toned my legs nicely to an even bronze (They were slightly uneven from the sun before) and there is no tide marks or streaky lines!

And not a sign of the Orange Tango Man on my body – ok well maybe just in my blog right here 😉

My view of mousse tans has been totally 180’d on this one product! I can honestly say I love this mousse and have since used it several times and still love it. Maybe more than I love lotion! I love the colour, the ease and speed of application and the comments I received from wearing this were good. Most people didn’t realise I even had fake tan on!

I think this would be a great purchase for those who only want a subtle bronzed glow, however if you do like a darker tan you will need to apply it at least once more if not twice. A little does go a long way with this product so I think the bottle will last a while. The tan colour is more brown on me than olive, but as skin tones are all different this may be different for others. I can however say I am sure you will not come out looking orange after using Lauren’s Way Self Tanning Bronze Mousse.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx