Review: KMS California Hairstay Style Boost

I’ve been ‘uming and urring’ over this review for a little while for a few reasons which I’ll explain below. I have been a big fan of KMS products since my hairdressing training days, so when I saw this lovely new product from them in my August Glossy Box I was over the moon.

It’s quite an innovative product in that its similar too what a primer does for makeup, KMS California Hairstay Style Boost is a primer for other hair products and helps give them a boost. On its own it does help with natural movement and bounce but is much better used along side other styling products. It also has the IOPS technology and protects your hair inside and out. Another great benefit of this product is it acts as a heat protectant too for your hair. Hairstay Style Boost can help your hair keep its style up to 3 times longer too!

Here’s where the review gets a little more exciting as I’ve never used a product like it. You apply the product to towel dried hair before applying other styling products, then style as normal. First though you need to get the product ready to apply to your hair;

You shake the can well like you would any normal ‘mousse’ product and squirt it into your palm like you would a mousse too. It feels extremely cold!

Listen to it snap crackle and pop like some Rice Krispies – this can be a little off putting as it doesn’t stop!


Wait for the mousse to turn into a liquid and rub it between your hands to distribute – this is where it looks like something from ‘Theres Something About Mary’ and Cameron Diaz’s hair fix – yes I did just write that!

Apply to your hair and style as normal.

I wanted so much to like this product I really did. It’s so clever and sounds so good. However I didn’t like it no matter how I tried to use it. I’ve tried to use a large amount and a small amount, with and without other styling products but I still get the same problem. My hair doesn’t feel clean at all. It feels like it needs washing again even if its just been washed. There is volume there and movement I found with only just using KMS California Hairstay Style Boost and no other products but my hair felt coated and slightly dry. It smelt nice and everything but it just doesn’t leave my hair how I was expecting. After a day of the style being held I had to wash it as it felt horrible!

I’m afraid I just didn’t like this product on my hair however I tried using it. However if someone knows what I was doing wrong if I was, please comment below and I’m willing to try something different – but for me at present this product just isn’t right for my hair.

Have you tried KMS California HairStay Style Boost? What did you think of it?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx