For those who haven’t seen my previous posts on the amazing brand Keromask I really think you should check them out. Keromask are an amazing company and have helped many people with scaring, birthmarks and tattoos who want to cover these things. I have reviewed their amazing Camouflage Cream and Mineral Rich Finishing Powder. In all the concealers and foundations I have tried, I have never come across products that can completely cover ‘marks’ as Keromask products. Due to the amazing quality of Keromask products, when I was asked if I would like to try one of their Brush Kits I practically jumped at the chance!

Here is a little information direct from Keromask about their Professional Make-up Brush Kit….

Our brushes are specifically designed for the most natural application of the Keromask cream and finishing powder. The natural bristles help glide the product on to the skin for a smooth application – covering imperfections without looking heavily made-up.


The first thing I noticed about the brush kit was the casing it was in. I’m not one for keeping my brushes in cases (Unless travelling) and often have them laid out in pots. This is namely due to many cases being too fiddly to either get open or put the brushes in; often there is no covering for the brushes so the bristles  may get bent out of shape and if you have used products it can transfer too easily onto other brushes. That was why I liked this case so much. The opening was secure and magnetic so unlikely to come open. I also couldn’t believe how light it was in comparison to other brush cases I have (And also have discarded). Inside there is a plastic covering that goes over the brush heads/tips which is clear and easily wiped to remove product residue. The 5 pockets for the brushes are large enough to easily fit the brushes in but not to large in that they fall out.

The brushes themselves can cover a multitude of tasks. (Left to right)

The eyelash comb/eyebrow brush is a sturdy tool. I hate flimsy eye brow combs and this one felt good in my hand. The bristles got my brows into a good shape. I don’t often use eyelash combs but used this on my lashes to separate them after applying mascara and was surprised at how good of a job it did!

The small detailing brush is a bit of a multi tool. This is great for precision work, whether you are applying concealer to a small area or want to run some product through your brows or lower lash line. The brush holds its own and really worked well under all these conditions.

The medium detail brush is slightly fluffier and good for apply shadow to lids although I did find it was best at applying powder to any blemishes I had just set with concealer. If you prefer a slightly larger concealer brush than a small detailer this would be good for you.

The second from largest brush is idea for foundation application. It is good size for working product into your face but not so big that it can’t also double as a good blusher brush. I also have tried contouring with this brush using the tip and this worked well too.

Lastly, you have a large powder brush which is a good size and will work well for powder products such as bronzer and finishing powder (Perfect for Keromask’s Mineral Rich Finishing Powder!).

The handles of the brushes are nice, solid and feel good to hold. They are smooth and comfortable in the hand. The brushes aren’t labeled so you can happily use any of them for whatever task you like and not feel like you are doing it wrong!

The best thing about all brushes for me is the bristles themselves; these are super soft and I’ve not noticed any shedding during application of products. The natural bristles work really well with products although in my opinion work better with powders than creams (Although I have used the contour/foundation brush with cream product and it worked marvellously).

The professional brush kit is amazing in both quality and use, which is why it surprised me when I found out it was only £19.99! £4 for each brush is great value and this kit would make a grew starter to any make up artist. Definitely good value for money.

Although I have not tried it, Keromask also do a travel kit which is £14.99 and contains 7 brushes (I believe). For more information on the Travel Kit Please click here. This would be great for weekends away, especially festivals!

I am currently considering buying the Travel Kit as I think it would be a great addition to my brush collection!

What are your thoughts on the Keromask brushes? Have you tried any of Keromask’s products?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx